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  1. Eli, I hope you and your family are now thriving in the Tampa area. Yes, the traffic situation here in South(east) Florida was something that was difficult to adapt to. Many people blame the New Yawkers for the problem. Others blame the Latin Americans. I've driven in both of those places, so I can believe it. I also blame the people who actually grew up here. In any case, each group has learned the bad habits of the other groups. I have seen people down here do things with their vehicles that stun me., literally stun me. My wife and I also live part of the year in the Finger Lakes area, and i
  2. Yes, they did have separate varsity and jv teams. Some of the best memories of my now long life included seeing LCC getting beat twice in basketball on the same night.
  3. I am a man created in God's image, just like any other human, and we all deserve a certain amount of dignity, but we as a human race screwed up very early on. I don't think we have improved much. Twentieth century history demonstrates that. Just like everyone like you, I recoiled at the image of George Floyd unable to breathe and see him deprived of dignity and life. I have seen examples of police misconduct, so I am not blind to the problem, but the scrutiny under which they now have to function is unwarranted. Every time a policeman shoots an unarmed black man, he will automatically be
  4. Yes, I remember that morning when the temperature dipped to -28. It seemed almost like a relief because the wind had finally died down. During the previous ten days or so, the temperatures were "milder," but the wind chills were ridiculous. I heard readings of minus 70's. (The experts used a different scale back then.) I looked up the lowest temperature ever recorded in Albany a few years ago, and the -28 still stands. The unusual thing about that day is that the temperature rose to 22 that afternoon -- yes, a fifty degree difference. When I returned to my dorm in Dutch Quad later that afterno
  5. Something else similar happened a long time ago. When UA was in its Division III days, we had been playing Utica College for a few years. That school was also DIII. Then Utica hired the former Milwaukee Bucks head coach. I remember Dick Sauers actually won a game or two against him.
  6. I lived on the same corridor with dslyank freshman year at Brubacher. Yes, I remember the physical education requirement. As dslyank stated, the Phys Ed building was incomplete, so we couldn't do much of a physical nature; instead, we had phys ed lectures in a space below the main floor of the library. We also had to read a thick book for the course first semester. It was the only time I pulled an all-nighter for a course. I didn't do outstanding on that exam. Afterwards, though, I tried to live up to the maxim in the phys ed book to get enough sleep before important dates the next day. I
  7. Right now, I'm just happy this team is giving SBU a run for the money on its own home court. I didn't think UA would be capable of this display.
  8. Assuming that UA will lose to UVM on Tuesday, the regular season will end on a very disappointing slide. I just want this season to end mercifully early. I don't have much hope for much success in the tournament, even given Brown's usually good preparation for that special part of the season. To say that this season has been a great disappointment to me is a huge understatement. With increased player experience and a successful summer of play and team bonding in Canada, I was honestly expecting much more from this team; instead, I saw a drastic decline of play as the season progressed. I almos
  9. Yep, there are always at least two views to every question like that. I know that in recent years the BPG has not been a sellout; yet, the Times Union indicated it might be tonight. Anyone have any hard facts on how many tickets have been sold?
  10. When was the last time UA men hit 100? What was the crowd reaction when the team did it?
  11. Wow! Not only does this development add great strength, but even more it is a great human interest story. I hope it works out well!
  12. I recall a couple years ago that Coach Brown, after a disappointing season, blamed himself for not doing enough of good recruiting. Has anything changed in that regard in the last few years? Has Brown now assumed more of a recruiting role?
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