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First, Mike Yocum's team won last night:


Non-League Boys' Hoops: Henderson goes solo to top West

By: Lisa DiTuro 12/15/2005


MERION - The winter weather brought its worst Tuesday afternoon, but Gerald Henderson supplied the heat in Episcopal Academy's gymnasium where he led his team to a easy victory over the Catholic League's West Catholic, 59-31.


But it wasn't just his team-high 18 points, six of which came from incredible dunks, that bolstered the team's victory; it was his leadership. Always instructing, his mouth was in constant motion from the back corner of Episcopal's 2-3 zone. The team worked in one fluid motion, matching up quickly with the West Catholic players surrounding the perimeter; a defense that made it nearly impossible for West Catholic to get a clean look at the basket.


EA's co-captain, Wayne Ellington, was unable to play in the game due to a death in the family. In his absence, the team rallied together. Mike Yocum stepped up by scoring 15 points and junior guard Pat Kelly scored 10 with some great slashing drives to the hoop. West Catholic's 1-3-1 zone defense could do nothing to stop the fast ball movement and slick back-door cuts of Episcopal.


EA will head down to Florida on Thursday night for the City of Palms tournament in Fort Meyers, with one of its season goals in its sights.


"We have three main goals this season," said coach Dan Dougherty, "First, and most importantly, to win the Inter-Ac league. Second, to have a 20-plus win season. And third, to win a Christmas tournament."


EA will have two chances at the last goal. A few days after their return from Fort Myers, the Churchmen will be headed down to Charlotte for Christmas tournament No. 2. The trip to North Carolina will foreshadow the future for Henderson and Ellington, who have signed and are headed to Duke and North Carolina University, respectively.





Bragging rights go to Rock Bridge



The stern-faced policemen at every entrance to the gym, the crowd-surfing Bruins fan, and the cars lining both sides of every road leading to Rock Bridge High School were all signs that Thursday night’s basketball game was out of the ordinary.


When Rock Bridge beat Hickman 66-58, there was more on the teams’ minds than just a win. With cousins and former summer-league teammates playing for opposing teams, bragging rights were at stake.


“It was a little bit different because my cousin, Logan Harris, plays for Hickman,” Rock Bridge forward Chad Jones-Hicks said. “We talk about it, and it’s bragging rights. That’s what I like about it.”


Jones-Hicks finished with 14 points, a major step up from his previous performances. He attributed the change to Hickman’s efforts to shut down seniors Alex Austin and Brett Gifford.


“(Coach Jim Sutherland) said that we would have to step up,” Jones-Hicks said. “There were just lots of opportunities for me to score, so I took advantage of that.”


While Rock Bridge coach Jim Scanlon said the victory pleased him, he was more concerned with what his team did not do.


“We are our own worst enemy right now, and that has to change if we’re going to be good,” Scanlon said. “Our problem is ourselves. Give Hickman credit, they came in here and played well. We do too many foolish things.”


The Bruins’ (6-1) scoring was more spread out than usual, with junior guard Logan Gray scoring 11, including an 8-of-10 performance at the free-throw line.


Erik Darkow finished with 15 points, Alex Austin finished with 10, and Brett Gifford scored eight.


According to Sutherland, the Kewpies (2-5) need to work more on executing their plays.


“We are not ready to beat a good team like this yet,” Sutherland said. “We played hard enough to, but we didn’t execute well enough to. Hopefully next ball game they’ll make better decisions if they’re in that same situation.”


Sutherland said the game was needed to wake his team up and make sure that it was playing hard enough.


“We’re getting better every game,” Hickman guard Taylor Florence said. “(Coach) told us to stick with it. We’re almost there.”


Florence, Hickman’s lone senior, scored a game-high 19, including three 3-point baskets. Brandon King had 15, and CJ Ely had 10.


Although Rock Bridge gained bragging rights in basketball, the rivalry extends to all sports. That was obvious when the last cheer echoing from the Bruins’ student section was “Just like football.”

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