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Admittedly I'm ripping this subject off from Steve's blog. Just wanted to second his motion to end the blindfolded shot promotion. I think I've only seen three of them and two have have nearly resulted in embarassing moments for the University.


Last night where the girl almost bounced the ball off her face. Then in a previous game somebody nearly clocked someone in the huddle with the basketball. Granted the cameras are usually off when the timeouts are going on but just imagine if they're on and somebody on the coaching staff or media table gets hit in the head with the basketball. That tape will be played as much as the Milkwaukee Brewer player hitting the guy in the hot dog suit with the baseball bat. Hats off for being creative but hopefully prudence dictates it stops.


BTW Attendance was not as bad as I had imagined considering it was Hartford-Albany vs. Texas-USC last night. Around 1700. Even with all the timeouts at the end of the game I still got home in time to watch the second half of the Texas game.

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Having participated in the first of this contest (I think it's called something like Marco Polo)..thankfully I was the guider and not the shooter..lol, I can say that there are usually two results from this contest: first, something dangerous/embarrasing..ie throwing the ball into a huddle or getting smacked in the face because you can't see the ball... or two, you decide to cheat and end up making the shot in one of your first couple tries.


Kinda a crappy contest I think. It replaced the Dance-For-Your-Dinner contest which although wasn't the most exciting contest at least was comical on occassion and wasn't exactly DANEgerous..lol.

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