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UA Crew Update


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Greatings UA Alumni


Just to give you folks an update on our Rowing Teams Indoor Winter Rowing Season, we kicked it off this weekend at RPI's (Adirondack Sprints) rowers from RPI, Skidmore and Union also took part. For those not in the rowing world, the Indoor Rowing Season is a more individual season, compared to the Spring and Fall Seasons when we are in 8 and 4 person shells. Also we are not on the water we are on land, and rowing those Mechines with a funny looking wheel you some times see in the gyms, they are called Ergometers or Erg's for short. Typically these races are over 2 kilometers or est. 1 1/4 mile. We had a great deal of success this past Saturday at RPI. Every Event we entered we placed in the top 5 with many first place finishes.


In the First Event the Novic (Freshman or 1st year rowers) Men's TOP DOG was Zigis Switzer who came in fifth out of field of 24 rowers with an impressive time of 6:55.8 only 8 seconds behind the winner.


In the Second Event the Novic (Freshman or 1st year rowers) Women UA swept the top 3 spots With Herron Orlyk taking first with a time of 8:10.6, Angela Moyer in a close second with a time of 8:11.1 and in third place Caitlin Adams 8:16.7. Being an assitant coach on the Novic Side I was very much proud of all the Novic rowers, they all performed above me and Head Novic Coach Ray Spees expectations.


In the Varsity (Rowers who have either previous H.S. rowing experience or second year rowers) Races our success continued with the Women Jenny Wiegert took first place with time of 7:34.0, and Arianna Komninos came in fourth with a time of 7:44.6 less then 2 seconds behind the third place finisher. Continuing with the women in the light wieght and coxing category (115 pounds and under coxing 135 and under for Light Wight) Lisa Rossi (2005 Crash B's Coxing Champion) continues her tune up for what she hopes to be a repeat at the crash B's national indoor rowing championship. Took second place in this combined event with a time of 7:51.2.


On the men's side Eric Dibari dominated the Varsity Men's Event, with an eye dropping 6:17.9, the best time recorded by anyone at the event. Michael Kramek took fourth with a time of 6:43.1 and Zakhar Berkovich took fifth with a time of 6:49.9. On the Light Weight Side (160 and under for Lightweight) A.J. Simms took third with a time of 6:50.7 and Michael Aiken had a time of 7:03.5 which was good enough for fourth place. In the coxing event (135 or under) Rodion Layfman took second place with a time of 7:44.8.


It was a great day for the team and we hope for continued success in the next upcoming races. The next race will be at Crash B's in Boston on 2/25 when we face the world's best. GO UA CREW

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B9j2j6s - Thanks for the Crew update - it's good to have someone out there keeping us updated on what's happening in UA Athletics.


There are some sports that many of us know little about. I think I'll wait for them to hit the water before I venture out to see them compete.


Talking about seeing them compete where is their home venue?



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Generally we have to travel for our meets especially in the spring. Fall is more local we have a home regatta on the hudson its more of a scrimage between us and RPI who we share a boat house with, by the port of albany, but we also go to Fish lake in Saratoga, and I think Nyskiuna for the Mohawk, the big race is the international race in Boston on the charles river. In the spring the races are ussually in Binghamton, NYC area, with the big national race in Philidalphia. I do believe this year UA, RPI, UNION AND SKIDMORE are having a scrimage on the Mohawk, I can get you more details if you would like.

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