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  1. https://myreportsny.com/2015/05/29/chobanis-founder-ulukaya-donates-700-million-to-refugees/
  2. D96 thanks for clarifying I only have access to this board and Google searches. I agree with the Hamdi comment I remember reading some where he is also focused on Kurdish charities.
  3. With every new build or renovation there was plenty of paperwork that was found online before an announcement was made. Has anyone seen anything regarding costs or contracts being awarded?
  4. No I didn't mean that Broadview is going to be abandoned for basketball. I was talking about the fitness center to the left of the arena. The fitness center is to big of a space not to be used for something AD related. I love what the PE building will become. I wonder what they will do with the locker rooms, offices, racquet ball courts. There is a lot of space and possibilities.
  5. Man the PE building is a MASSIVE project. Can't wait to see how they use the space. Any idea how much SQ footage is in that building?
  6. Looks like the PE building is full speed ahead 70 million. I assume that will move the current gym out of Broadview?
  7. Wow now I get why he hasn't sent any emails telling the progress of the team.
  8. I know this was from 3 years ago but just saw it on youtube.
  9. I hope DK proves us wrong and he has a group that buys in more than last year.
  10. Let's hope they play together and they learn to play some defense.
  11. College basketball reminds me of minor league baseball. Can someone tell me the last player that played at Albany freshman to senior year?
  12. This is going to be U G L Y to watch.
  13. Well this definitly divides the haves and have nots in the NCAA. Glad the kids are getting paid. How does this impact title 9?
  14. Apparently we are holding all Saint Rose transcripts and records.
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