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UA the #1 FT shooting team in the AE

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The Danes entered tonights contest shooting .767% from the FT line which led the conference. Tonight they shot 15-26 or 57.7 % from the line to lose by 5 pts. They missed 6 front ends of one and one. Despite all their short comings it came down to a few turnovers and poor foul shooting.


Courtney Johnson showed again why he is a walk on, he followed a 1-11 shooting effort against Wagner with a 2-7 with 5 turnovers and 0 assists. He was only 1-3 from the FT Line.


Knotts and Martin combine for 41 minutes and 3 defensive rebounds. Wyatt plays 19 minutes and fails to get a defensive rebound.


In fact Wyatt, Martin and Knotts combined in 60 minutes to commit 6 turnovers, 1 measely assist while grabbing 3 defensive boards. This all occurred in a game the Danes lost by 5.


This team can hang tough but they must be much more efficient to grab a "W". They are trying hard but they are shooting themselves in the foot. They are there own worst enemy.

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The other thing this team usually does well is shoot 3's. Last night they were 1-9 or something like 12%. Generally somewhere around 32% from 3 and I would have to think fatigue is to blame for that as well. While we need more rebounding from him I liked Knotts agressiveness on offense. He got to the line alot and didn't take as many wild shots as he has earlier this year. As big as he is he seemed to find a way around his guy alot last night. Wyatt had 6 points and I think at least two of his baskets came because Knotts drove around his man and drew the guy guarding Wyatt-Knotts then missed the shot and Wyatt put the rebound back in.

I have to question the wisdom applying full-court pressure when both Iati and Levine are playing 40 minutes a game and Johnson played 36. I realize we need easy baskets and it was effective it getting some turnovers but it also seemed to wear Iati down and helped Q pick up two quick fouls. If we had another guy available or Martin is able to give some good minutes we may be able to press more.

If you look at the foul situation last night, Q fouled out and Levine, Wyatt and Johnson all had 4 fouls. Not too hard to figure out why we didn't play good defense at the end of the game when everyone is worried about fouling out. The Danes were 3 fouls away from having four guys foul out and creating a "Hoosiers" type situation with only four guys on the floor.

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Dane Pound


Sometimes you have to pick your posion. Press and cause turnovers or sit back and let them shovel it inside and get you in foul trouble that way.


Many of the fouls were not committed while pressing, ie. how many illegal screens can Wyatt set?


Levi took a bad shot then raced down court in frustration and committed an uncalled for foul.


Do we get fatigued, Yeah!! Is there a solution right now, No!!!


To this teams credit they have hung tough.


Johnson doesn't have to do anything but play good "D", don't turn it over and hit open shots. In the last 2 games he has 2 assists and 8 TOs while shooting 3-18 on shots that he is pretty open on.


As active as Knotts was offensively - in 30 minutes he brought in 2 Defensive rebounds, while Wyatt had "0" in 19 minutes ????


Iati didn't look himself last night, I thought he looked sickly and definitely tired.


I think Levi is going to have a meltdown soon as I can see him getting very frustrated.

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