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JON IATI -Rookie of the Week again!!!

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This is not a knock on Iati who is an outstanding player and who is going to be even more effective next year but some thoughts on the ROW/ROY:


Is he having an outstanding season (6 ROW'ss)or is the current crop of Rookies not as good as previous years?


Does his minutes played and shots attempted ( dictated by the Danes short and limited roster) give him a leg up on his competition? Is his PPG due to the fact that he is playing well or that he is given the green light due to the limited offensive abilities of his teammates?


Do all of these factors give him an advantage over the other rookies in the AE when it comes to ROW concideration?


It would be insightful to see Iati's shots per game/field goal percentage versus the rest of the rookies.


As I say, this is not a knock, I am just interested in fellow posters thoughts on the subject.

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Here are most of the ROW recipients stats:


Beauford - SBU -26.9 min-.359FG%-.326 3ptFG%-55FT%- 2.5RPG-47Assts-8.8ppg


Hailey - Bing - 26.7-.392FG%-.367 3ptFG%-63%FT%-2.6RPG-54Assts-9.0ppg


Popoko - SBU 24.5 min-.441FG%-.419 3ptFG%-67FT%-4.7RPG-15Assts-6.9ppg


Taylor- Hart - 26.0 min-.435FG%-.200 3ptFG%-63FT%-5.7RPG- 14Assts-7.3ppg


Iati - UA - 39.7 min - .362FG%-.320 3ptFG%-.76FT%-1.6RPG- 62Assts-14.6PPG



None of the other Freshman listed are the key go to guys for their team and draw the main attention of the oppositions defense.


Percentage wise think of the number of shots Iati has had to throw up to beat the shot clock or at the end of a period really affect his percentages.


Beauford and Popoko have Munir and Spencer.

Taylor has Stys and Cook

Hailey has Billings and Carter


Hope this helps and I hope I didn't omit an outstanding Freshman.

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I agree 100% with your post............I am simply curious as to how posters feel about the impact Iati's situation and minutes played relate to the ROW situation..........nothing more.





You are indeed a font of basketball information, I knew this ever since the lecture you gave me on the accepted practice of lettering a jersy which contains seven letters!


Thanks for all the stats...............almost.............shots per game were conspicious by their absence............and assists are listed but not turnovers............an oversight on your part I am sure.


Also wether this years crop of freshmen were as talented as years past and wether his situation/mpg gave him an advantage over the other freshmen in the ROW voting were questions that were left unaddressed.


There is no need to come to the defense of Jon Iati.......I think he is the best freshmen in the AE and will almost certainly win the ROY. I am just pointing out the unique situation he finds himself in and wonder what impact that has had on the six ROW awards he has been voted.

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You expect a lot from a mentally limited person.


I used FG% to give you an idea of shooting accuracy, remeber Iati has taken a ton of shots many of which he would not ordinarily take except for the circumstances.


In my opinion TOs are an abberation in regard to Jon, he is constantly hounded relentlessly by a myriad of defenderes whose job it is to wear him down, and playing 40 minutes doesn't help.


I shouldn't have included assists either as Jon doesnot have too many offensive options to pass to. UA though working very hard is the most limited offensive team in the conference.


What I should have figured out is the % of offense each Rookie produces for their team. Jon produces about 45% of our total points.


This years freshman crop is not as talented as last years in my opinion...

2002 - 2003

Kevin Reed - Maine

JJ Barea - NU

Cook - Hartford

Levine - UA

Wilson - UA



Iati's situation/mpg are only a plus if he can make it one. He could just as easily totally embarrassed himself. The final judgement is up to the AE Coaches.


I support Iati because I think he has been asked to do much more than he was recruited for. In fact I have also noted his struggles during the year.


I think he will be better when he is not the "go to guy" as will Levi.


For more info surf the web on your own just don't get lost because we truly enjoy your insiteful posts and deeply thought out questions.

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You can't cherry pick your stats in order to protect Jon.


You decide not to give turnovers because you feel Jon "is constantly hounded by a myriad of defenders whose job it is to wear him down:....??


You decide not to give give total amount of shots because you feel Jon has taken " a ton of shots, many of which he would not normally take except for the circumstances"..........??


You do him no service by ommitting the stats that you feel are not indicative of the player that he is.


Jon is a very good player and in my opinion deserves the ROY award.



P.S. I knew the "surf the web on your own" comment was coming but the "don't get lost" dig was really beneath you. I have feelings ya know!

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If you have the damn answers don't ask the stupid question.


A mentally shortchanged person like myself gets easily confused by the complexity of information a person like you requests of me.


When you reasearch facts, you may post what you want. Don't question what I choose to post when I do the research.


As for Jon Iati - I don't give a damn if he's "Rookie of the Year" or not, that's up to the coaches.


I do hope that with next year's team he proves to be a solid PG - who can transport the ball, knock down the open shot, hit free throws in the clutch and play a little perimeter "D".


"What you've seen (if you ever attend a game) is what you got this year from Iati"!


I was shocked when Coach Brown took over and was trying to recruit some size - why his first recruit as a DI Head Coach was a kid 5'9" and about 155 lbs. (in HS).


Now that I've seen Iati for 3/4 of a season I believe it was a good move.


Especially, with 7'1" Zoellner, 6'9" Dyson and 6'8" Wilson coming in next year.

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I re-read my posts to see what "damn answers" you said I had and all I could find were questions I posed? I find it strange that from such an analytical and stats orientated poster that when the numbers do not suit you that the questions become "stupid". Also you stray from the topic which was Jon and the ROW/ROY and turn it in to next years team and Dyson and Zoellner and Wilson. What has that got to do with this years ROW/ROY?


Ones objectivity might be questioned if one fails to look at both sides of an issue.


I can not emphasize enough (to some) that Jon Iati is a GREAT get for the Danes and will undoubtedly be their second ROY in a row, which speaks volumes for the recruiting job being done by the coaching staff. To point out that he is going to win the award during a time when there is arguably a weaker freshmen class than in the past, and that he has attempted a far greater number of shots(regardless of the reason) than his competion is not a knock on Jon, it is pure and simply the FACTS. If you choose to turn a blind eye because the FACTS are not to your liking then that is your prerogative, that is what makes this country great.



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You are so shallow!!!


If you had followed the AE at all you would have had the knowledge that Jon takes alot of shots and that this year's crop of freshman can't hold a candle to last years.


Just take a look at S. Wynn from Boston U. an excellent soph. who got little attention last season. He would be a "ROY" candidate with this year's crop of freshmen.


But that would be to obvious for you to recognize.


Maybe, I assumed you knew the answers to the questions because the questions were show shallow in nature.


Are you a Danes fan (?) or just someone who reads the message boards on the Web.


Maybe you should expand your horizons and actually go to some games and find out for yourself what's going on in the AE.


Don't be offended just learn to be observant and learn to develop your own opinions.


I'm sure in time as you develop maturity those skills will flourish.

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"SHALLOW"??.......Oh, Patchy, coming from such a deep and insightful person I am truly crushed.


Oh, deep thinking one, what makes you think that because you attend more games than I that that makes you a better Danes fan and that those who try to follow the team and get info and insight by going to this site when unable to attend are merely in your words " just someone who reads the message boards on the web"? A tad presumptious on your part for such a deep thinker such as yourself. I thought all were welcome here to ask questions and discuss matters of Albany athletics without being persecuted.


For the record: I have attended two games one home and one away. I have also viewed two games that were on FSNY. I go to numerous sites, get the Albany newsletter and garner as much info as I can. Those are the "FACTS", I would love to attend more games but have a full time job and do not live in the Albany area..........which I apologize to you for and beg your forgiveness. While I realize that in your mind that does not put me in the same category as you as a "fan" it is the best I can do.


Surely by bashing posters who dare differ with your views you discourage visitors and less knowledgeable (in your mind) posters to voice their opinions. More room for you to read your own posts.


P.S. Thanks, Oh Pompous One, for those pearls of wisdom "I'm sure in time as you develop maturity those skills will florish". Golly, coming from one so mature that is encouraging.


No offense!

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No Offense Taken


I am too limited to undersatnd your satorical bliss!!!


I could be classified as a simpleton, if I really thought that my words could drive such a diehard Danes fan away.


I never realized how sensitive a tough skinned Danes fan could be.


Because you are not going to "Go Away", I will succumb to your rebuttal blitz and "Beg for Forgiveness"!


With all due respect you barrage of verbiage has made me retreat to other topics.


Just remeber Iati takes alot of shots and overall this year's crop of AE Freshman is not nearly as deep as last years group. That much we should agree on!!!

Edited by Patch
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Don't blame my "barrage of verbiage" for you changing the subject........you do that on cue rather than directly answer a question that does not support your viewpoint.


As for me not going to "Go Away"...........all you had to do was ask......I'm gone.


My initial reaction to this site was that I had found a venue where I could keep current and up to date on the mens' basketball teams transition to D1 and to a lesser extent Albany athletics in general. It was my hope that this would be a good place to bounce ideas and opinions back and forth with fellow Danes fans. I do not have the time nor inclination to have to volley back and forth every time you take offense when someone dares to voice an opinion that is not in total agreement with yours. If your mission is to be bully of the board you have my vote hands down.





DanePound you have done an outstanding job in getting this site to where it is and I wish you continued success.



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