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Ugly Maine Game!!!!!

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Albany held Maine to 5 field goals and 20% shooting in the 2nd half. That's unbelievable! Problem is they shot just as bad!


Levine was awful. 1/10 with 6 or 7 TO's! Iati shot 5/18 which is awful and had 0 TO's!! St. Hillaire missed a bunch of lay-up's and open shot's! Johnson is no threat and we take what we can get from Wyatt offensively. Knotts gave a little relief but was 1/4. Brown did not play Martin. Must be in the doghouse!


48 pts. and a loss! That hurt's!!!!!!

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Somebody a long time ago told Jon Iati that he could shoot and now UA is paying for it. The worst thing he can do is to make a couple because then he just keeps firing up awfull shots at bad times. Hopefully next year, he wont be playing 40 minutes a game. And how about getting him a pair of shorts and not those pants that go down to his ankles.

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Somebody a long time ago told Jon Iati that he could shoot and now UA is paying for it. -  scottotile


IatI was 3-6 and 2 for 3 from 3 in the 1st half. The kid doesn't want to shoot them up like her does but what are the other options out there. Levi was worse than John(1-9 plus 6TOs) and even though "Q" had a double double he was horrendous offensively( 4-13 most from point blank range), Johnson who is left alone (2-7 and 5 TOs) all the time and can't score and Knotts has no heart.


Maine went to the foul line 20 times and UA 4, there's the difference in the game..


With 3 1/2 minutes left we were in contact down 3 to the 3rd place team in the AE.


Remember that UA is very, very limited. "Q" and Johnson play tremendously hard but they are DI walk ons for a reason.


Also realize that UA on the defensive end where desire and effort count more than skill we stood toe to toe with one of the better teams in the AE. Maine shot .295% from the floor, we out rebounded them 36-33 and Kevin Reed a sure fire 1st or 2nd Team All Conference player was held to a season low 3 points. We had 12 offensive rebounds to Maines 7 and yet we scored only 15 FGs for the game.


Recognizing a fault is easy please come up with a viable solution!!!!!


Your view of Iati may be correct but who would you rather have shoot the ball? Also, remember Jon was not brought in to be the primary offensive option, due to injuries it has been thrust upon him.

Edited by Patch
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Ugly,ugly..ugly....Fact #1, Division 1 team should score more that 36 points. Hell my son's 12yr old AAU team scores that in a half.


Fact #2, you can't keep makeing excusses for the coach ...Mr.Patch, even if he is related.


Fact #3, good coaching wins close games.


Fact #4, (pertains to fact #3) a good coach should (WOULD) never run out of players due to foul trouble like the harford game. Only 4 players left on the court at the end of the game. AND (to my point) two of the players had only 1 foul..COMBINED..in a total of 11 minuites playing time. ...BAD ROTATION..PERIOD


Fact #5, you can't always blame the PLAYERS & REF'S for loosing.

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#1 You are absolutely right a DI team should score more than 36 points. UA isn't and won't be a DI team until it has a full contingent of scholasrship players.


#2 No excuses for the Coach, never have offered any other than the fact that the team is short handed with only 5 scholarship players.


#3 Good coaching puts teams in a positon to win.


#4 Bad rotation of players - you might be right - but then again the team had a chance to win right up to the last few minutes.


#5 I don't think I was blaming the Refs or the players. I am not enamored with the AE officials but they rarely if at all do they cause a team to lose. I never blame the players, I have my opinion about their individual talents and I state them. I never blame the players in fact I think this group is working as hard as they can they are just limited talent wise and especially size wise at the present time.


Rusty - keep following the Danes - Next season if they're healthy and things don't change with a full compliment of DI scholarship players then I will join you in claiming it's the Coach who is responsible.


Talent helps make coaches smart

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Everyone views games, personnell and Coaches differently.


If Rusty is down on Coach Brown and the Danes that's his perspective.


If he thinks Todd is being under utilized that's OK, too.


"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."


Yes, It was embarrassing for the Danes to score 36 points but.......


The pace the Danes play at is conducive to low scoring affairs. They seemingly want to shorten the game and keep it in the low 60s or high 50s. If you shoot below 30% it can get ugly.


what about Maine scoring 5 baskets in the 2nd half and they're a solid AE team currently in 3rd place.

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First of all "professor", keep the name calling to your porno sites. Secondly, any option is better than Jon Iati. I could go out there, take 19 shots and score 12 points, so how about giving me a free education?


How about he takes it to the hoop instead of pulling up for jumpers everytime? How about working the ball to Levine, who can actually score?

How about playing the reserves a little more(how much worse can they be?) and playing a little more up tempo and getting some easy hoops because the defense is actually good?

Johnson needs to shoot when he is open instead of passing it up everytime, again, how much worse would that be?

Q and Wyatt are decent at scoring when they have the ball inside, Q actually has a decent jumper from 10 ft, so, again, how much worse would that be?


I have no problem with Iati taking shots, as long as they are good shots in the offense. He forces way too many, and then sulks when they dont go in. Work the ball around, with movement(how many times do the guys on offense run into each other because their spacing is so poor) and wait for an open look.

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I like Iati and I like Martin. I am really enjoying reading the varying opinions. Both frosh are being asked to either do more(Iati) or be more prepared(Martin) for DI than they are. Solution to remainder of season: Keep up the good defensive schemes, but on offense turn them loose---and have some fun---Iati was double teamed when he threatened and Levine had fantastic defensive coverage but the other three were hesitant to pull the trigger---as the fans are saying shoot it!!!---you can't be benched---NO ONE IS THERE!!!

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Opinions are great! Everybody has them! IF you are a Iati basher you don't know basketball. Every team Albany play's put's their best defender on Iati! Iati forces shot's because he has to force them! Wyatt scores on garbage pts., Johnson can't score, St. Hillaire is all finesse and no power, Levine can't dribble well. He scores on open J's or post up's! 1/9 with 6 TO's against Maine is impressive!


Jon Iati will with America East Rookie of the Year. So, I hope ScotoTotile or whomever you are calls every coach in the America East and tells them Iati can't play and can't shoot!


You will learn to really appreciate Iati when Jamar Wilson is to the left of him and Lucious Jordan is to the right. You will see how good of a shooter he is! Get a clue!


Albany does not have the personnel to play uptempo! You don't need to be smart to figure that out!

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