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I was watching the Atlanta 10 o'clock news a minute ago and they announced Georgia State will be fielding a football team. Georgia State will be playing at the Georgia Dome, the home of the Atlanta Falcons. They will START their football program with full D1-AA scholarship football but FBS is just a short jump away. This was the long awaited official announcement. There has been a lot of talk about the CAA amongst UA football fans. Not sure if UA will ever have a chance of getting admitted to the CAA but there has been a lot of speculation. I hope this announcement leads to the splitting of the CAA and the admittance of UAlbany. Sounds like Kennesaw State isn't too far behind in announcing plans to start their own football program?


I'm happy for Georgia State but as a UA alum, I'm depressed. Our facilities are crap and we play partial scholarship 1-AA ball with a questionable future. Worse yet, our university community write letters to the local paper to protest funding for the university. Name one other university where that happens! Someone check the City of Albany's water for lead contamination.


By the way, I emailed the bitter ex-coach (Mr Lewis) that wrote to the TU in agreement with the funding decision on the stadium. He basically agreed funding is just a front for his anger and bitterness. The old man is pissed UA canceled his sports years ago. He's determined to cripple UA in retaliation. At least he's old and no one lives forever.

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I think GSU will force the CAA to decide. Does it want to be a 14 team conference? There are a lot of factors inclund the vote on playoff expansion next week. If the playoffs expand to 20, which is expected, then there will be two more at-large bids, which will benefit an expanded CAA. And to be frank, I don't think the CAA will take us as an associate member unless we upgrade our facilities. In fact, it is more likely that we'd see Stony Brook jump to the CAA in 2011 if we don't have a new stadium by then. I'd love to see a CAA split and a new FCS conference in the northeast, but the A-East has dropped that ball before so I have no real faith in them either right now. Yet another situation that we hang in limbo on. At least SBU made a decision and followed through (no matter how stupid that decision may seem now). I give Fiore credit for that. Only time will tell what was the right decision.

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