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  1. Up until now UA was lacking a major undergraduate degree that would attract top students. Many of the programs that have been very succesful at UA are based in graduate programs (Criminal Justice, Rockefellor, etc..) The $10 million endowment will also allow the Nano school to search throughout the world for the best students and offer them a free ride. Huge day! We knew it was coming but its still huge. The endowment money is a nice feather in the cap. Danefan is right. This finally gives us an undergraduate major that should lead to highly paid graduates. Many of my Georgia Tech friends are very well off. I expect the same or better from these new UA grads.
  2. Great letter. Short and to the point. Very necessary. By the way, ATL_DANE will soon be moving to San Diego so I may be changing my name. The fiance is done with her PhD at Emory and we're off to UCSD. Look for the rise of SoCal_DANE.
  3. Nice. Its good to be a UAlbany B-School grad! I agree, it would be nice to see that on the cover of the TU. Instead they cover items like Playboy's slam on us. Why TU?
  4. I keep saying to write or call politicans and SUNY leaders. 70% of the time I hear back.
  5. At minimum she acknowledges that UAlbany receives 1/2 the funding of peer SUNY Centers Stony Brook and Buffalo. Also, she is aware that New York’s capitol campus SUNY Center has a poor high school field. Essentially this is the equivalent of Michigan State (Michigan Center in Lansing) playing on a piss poor high school football field. Understanding you have a problem is the first step to fixing it.
  6. I sent Chancellor Z an email to her UC email address maybe 6 weeks ago. Here was the response. ------------------------- Thank you for your email of March 30, 2009. The recent fiscal downturn and related funding issues have severely impacted the ability to properly fund UAlbany and in fact the entire University. UAlbany management has responded in a most professional way to take appropriate actions to mitigate the impact of the recent funding reductions on its core programs. Although a President has not yet been selected for the campus, the University and the campus have been very fortunate to have Interim President Philip directing the campus through this most difficult period. His experience and knowledge of the University has been extremely useful in addressing these severe fiscal issues. The University is hopeful that the Presidential search will be concluded soon. Regarding the capital funding issue raised in your email, in the current multi-year capital plan UAlbany received roughly one-half the funds that Buffalo and Stony Brook received and roughly double the amount received by Binghamton. UAlbany received capital funding for its first and second highest priority capital projects, but did not receive funding for its third highest priority, the Stadium. It should be noted that through the last three multi-year capital plans UAlbany received $588 million while Buffalo, Stony Brook and Binghamton received $593, $670 and $362 million respectively. The University is hopeful that as the State’s fiscal situation improves additional funding authority will be added to the capital plan to fund additional campus priorities. Again, I appreciate your observations and assure you that I and the entire University will do all it can to ensure that UAlbany, and all of SUNY, receives the level of funding necessary to carry out its important mission. I hope you will join in that effort through your support of UAlbany. Sincerely, Nancy L. Zimpher Chancellor- Elect NLZ:caf
  7. I agree. This is a very positive story. The fact is most SUNY campuses are far and away more desired than most private schools. 22,000 applied for 2,250 slots at UA!!! That's a 10 to 1 ratio. The state school has been and is the toughest (or one of the toughest) schools to get into in most states. UNC, UCLA, (Any UC Campus) Michigan, Texas etc. It's finally catching up to New York. Its a great day to be a Great Dane! I base my comments on this section of the article " Still, the SUNY shutout has been a boon for her as she's found that small schools give more personalized attention. She's about to send in her deposit to Siena, where admissions officials have bent over backward to find her more financial aid. She expects to find the same level of attention in the classrooms. " Does the TU ALWAYS come out making S**na look good ? I did notice that also. It was unfortunate that they added it. It had nothing to do with the story. The fact remains thousands are being turned away from UAlbany. Their only option is to spend 2 to 3 times more to go to a private school. With the exception the Ivy League, the private school is no longer the exclusive option. It’s the buy your way in... As in “I can't get into the state's top colleges so I'll spend a heck of a lot more for a lower ranked college”. The fight to get into a state school has been very nasty in California and Texas over the past 20 years. Low price and high amenities = HUGE demand (very selective)
  8. I agree. This is a very positive story. The fact is most SUNY campuses are far and away more desired than most private schools. 22,000 applied for 2,250 slots at UA!!! That's a 10 to 1 ratio. The state school has been and is the toughest (or one of the toughest) schools to get into in most states. UNC, UCLA, (Any UC Campus) Michigan, Texas etc. It's finally catching up to New York. Its a great day to be a Great Dane!
  9. Hindsight is always 20/20... It really looks like there were some real squandered opportunities. The time to have gotten this done was when we had the Senate Majority Leader from the Capitol District. Despite your view of him, he was in a position to get things done and I remember a quote from him that went something like "I didn't even know they wanted a stadium". Nothing we can do about it now except learn for future projects. I say ask for athletic budget items in GOOD financial years when there isn't anyone to complain about it. Ask for academic budget items in BAD economic years where we can claim its a necessity. SUNY is pretty backward but they'll still fund academic buildings and materials in bad years. Our timing always stinks. All I know is what I see. Whether it's West Georgia or UNCC. Stadiums and other athletic budget items seem to be done with public support. An appeal for contributions, etc. There are only a handful of examples I can think of when it's just decided in secret by a few power brokers (I think SBU's stadium may have been one such example).
  10. I'm hopeful but that may be all that it is. UAlbany has made one mistake after another. It sounds like Fordham will be leaving the Patriot League, so they have first choice. Even if they do not leave, why not choose Stony Brook? They have a new stadium. They are full scholarship. They are a "flagship". They are everything UAlbany is not. Albany and the Capitol District have failed one too many times. The Capitol District is losing as much if not more than UAlbany. From the flagship issue to the stadium, the big losers are the prople in that region... worst thing is they don't even know what they lost. Complete ignorance.
  11. Based on all the feedback I've heard, what the university should be doing is moving toward the $60M complex but doing it in phases. Maybe divide the complex into 4 distince phases with their own price tag. It would make the project easier to get funded by the legislator. Four separate $15M requests over the course of 10 years should be the goal. It also eliminates the sticker shock and media magnet. This is the benefit of both worlds. The funding request is smaller so we would have a better chance of funding while moving to a permenent situation.
  12. Best high school football stadiums Just a sampling of the many, many high schools that smoke New York's state university. UAlbany is a center for America's largest state univerisity and this is what they have to show the rest of the country. Its a disgrace. http://sports.espn.go.com/highschool/rise/...tory?id=3653316 My next step is to find junior high schools with better facilities. Hah ha, I bet they exist!
  13. A couple of years ago, giving Sefcu the naming rights of the RACC got us $2.75million. How about forging ahead with this relationship, bringing it to the next level? 10million for 10 years of naming rights for the renovated football facility, calling it SEFCU Stadium? 2 Points to make. 1) I think the administration needs to revisit their actions. What has worked? What has not worked? Unless, they know something they aren't making public then it time for a change. No more "Big Bang" approach. We need to ask for smaller amounts of money in regular intervals and work for constant improvement (the TQM approach). The incremental approach is slow and patchy but at least there is constant improvement. It's ridiculaous that hundreds of highschools have better facilities. Hundreds, not just a handful. 2) Naming rights is not a cure all. But I do think it is possible in the future to get some funding from naming rights. The economy will eventually turn around. If the tech companies like IBM or Global Foundries want to be "a community partner" or "raise awareness" then they may find it to be a good idea. Some of the smaller or foreign partners at Albany Nano may also see it as a wise investment to raise awarenss. I think it will take some time for the economy to turn around and it depends how hot Albany Nano is in two years when the economy is back on track. If it's a hot commodity then companies may want their name affiliated with the school in a big and public way. Still... Point 1 still remains. Time for a change.
  14. I think the "big bang" approach has clearly failed. Asking for $60M isn't going to work at UAlbany. We just don't have the political support from our politicians. I agree with Danefan. It's time for an incremental approach. If we asked for a few million here and then next year ask for a few million there you'd be more likely to get it. Stony Brook received a few million to enlarge their NEW stadium and they got it. Granted, LI seems to care about their SUNY Center but it’s an approach that seems to work. I find it amazing that from Middletown NY to East Cobb GA and from Michigan to Texas there are hundreds of high schools with better facilities than UAlbany. UAlbany is a large state university in arguably one of the largest (20M Residents) and richest (GDP) states in the country. My high school was at least as nice. Can you imagine what the up roar would be if Compton had a better football field than UCLA? If East Lansing was nicer than Michigan State? News flash people. UA is a New York’s UCLA or Cal. Drop the "big bang" approach and ask for a few million every year or other year. That is the approach that will work. Someone needs to get through to UAlbany and the Albany area politicians. Enough is enough.
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