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America Least interview with Kyle Whelliston

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Check it out at Drakes blog....I found it to be an interesting read.


A couple of things that caught my eye....


- He T's off on Bingo on a number of occasions, I think it's safe to say he is no fan of what they are doing over there.

- Regarding UA/Siena; It's not every day you get two non Major teams together and have a go around like we do every year.....Mr. Whelliston had this to say......

"AL: Which games on the out of conference or in conference schedule are you looking forward to for the America East? Do you have any plans to attend specific AE games during the year?


KW: I always try to get out to The Roof once or twice a season, and I owe Maine a visit because it's the only America East arena I haven't been to yet. Albany-Siena, though it will likely devolve into a blowout, will produce some of the best postgame quotes of the season. I think that's a safe square to put a chip on."

- Takes Leaster to task for his choice of name for his blog....couldn't agree more. If you don't have respect for yourself/your conference, why should anyone else?


Anyways....thanks Leaster.

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"Kyle Whelliston: Hello, Drake Tungsten, if that's your real name (and if it is, I want a refund on mine). The America East 2008-09 season will feature wins, losses and the occasional two-point dunk shot. I like Vermont to win both the regular season and tourney. Hartford, with everyone pretty much back, should push them. I have BU and UMBC as dark horses who could make the final (BU and its defensive system-ball is the more likely pick). Albany will find a way to stay relevant, just like they did after Jamar Wilson left, and UNH should be just good enough to save Bill Herrion's job for another year."



At least someone is giving us half a chance this year....

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