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  1. Here's the first one I've seen...Doesn't sound good hopefully we can beat these expectations might I add very low expectation https://cbbcentral.com/2020/10/12/2020-21-32x32-america-east-conference-preview/
  2. Seems appropriate to post here that the fundraising campaign has hit it's goal of 150million dollars raised ahead of schedule according to alumni communication recurved today in my email.
  3. There weren't many takers interestingly enough...look how long it took.
  4. I got a feeling it will be conference only schedule starting after Christmas and only season ticket holders will be permitted with people being spread around the arena.
  5. I'm going to take the contrarian view after reading the article. Nothing from my reading of it seems completely over the top, even the 2% set aside for financial aid to low income students. P5 schools are making huge bank of these kids, schools are making huge profits. If there was EVER a time to help minority communities to better themselves this is that time. Education clearly plays a huge role in how successful one will be...otherwise, why are we pontificating about people lifting themselves up by the bootstraps? How much do these mega programs need, people forget that these are colleges th
  6. How is a tax rate from 70 years ago relevant to the events of today? As for Sweden, the better measure is percentage of GDP going to taxes. Sweden is the second highest taxes country in the world after Denmark. Anyone earning over 32k will pay between 49-60% in taxes when all of the taxes they pay are combine. Many there are VERY happy to do it as they have a lot of trust in their government and tax services, which we do not have here. What works for them doesn't mean it will work here. Mind you, I'm not opposed to helping those that need it. I'm not opposed to even expending social services,
  7. Go look at the polling done in the country of those who want Medicare for all...support drops like a gigantic boulder when you tell them your taxes will go up. It's a fact...polling is there. Everyone wants everything until they realize someone is gonna have to pay for it. Tax rate is Sweden is 57.20%...Denmark you say...55.9%...socialism they want...lol. Imagine you have a nice 100k\year job...great...well just take 56k right off the top. Enjoy your 44k. But blabber blabber baller...something something something...socialism...drool.
  8. Yeah...tell it to the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics (USSR). But then you support BLM, as one of their founders put it...“We actually do have an ideological frame[work],” Cullors said of her organization. “We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories.” <- this here is not subject to debate nor is it ripped out of context. By their OWN admission, they are telling you what they are and what they stand for. I for one am going to believe them. So we (meaning I and you and blorp) are at an ideological impasse as to the larger issues at hand. Although I whol
  9. You should read up on the boxer rebellion and then read up on the Red Guard and superimpose it over today...you clearly have no idea what socialism is...yes...this time unlike the other 20 times it's been tried, you'll get it right...not like Venezuela or Soviet Union or China or Cuba or Cambodia or Congo or many others. What is being advocated by the fringe left isn't democratic socialism of Norway. How many people does Marxist\socialist ideology have to murder...and make no mistake many time it ends up here...before people realize it doesn't work. As WSJ wrote in 2019...l
  10. This came across my Twitter timeline written by a mixed race individual and retweeted by an athiest Sam Harris. Interesting read and perspective...not from the right. https://areomagazine.com/2020/07/29/the-pivotal-irony-of-american-racism/ And now square this with BLM desire to replace and displace and marginalize the importance of a nuclear family. By the way...Soviet Union was much in the same way...kids were programmed to turn in their own family if someone didn't kneel at the alter of socialism. The state became more important than the individual. Instead of the state being by t
  11. BLM and their cover statement of Black Lives Matter is fine. Problem with BLM is once you get past the front door. As someone born and raised in Soviet Union ... what they advocate and stand for is truly frighting once you get past the statement. Primarily of concern for me are their strong ties to Marxist communist idiology...having had a front row seat to this party first half of my life...I speak not of theoraticals. Founders of the movement personally verbalize this so this is not debatable. I have no problem with players kneeling...it's a free country (mostly still)...do what you got
  12. Other than that full size logo above, the design is kind of growing on me...ever so slightly. Firs impression was... I don't mind the font...hopefully they did this entirely in-house otherwise fire the people that put this together and demand our money back.
  13. LOL...they literally just tore down the logo...didn't even put the old one back up.
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