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Uofalbany Blog Fundraiser


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There may not be much reason to donate to another fundraiser.

The alumni association and athletic department accept donations directly.


I have created another donation option, through the uofalbany blog (uofalbany.blogspot.com) site.

It is coordinated through chipin. All that means is they create a link

to the paypal site where donations can be made and they keep a running tally for all people on the blog to see. Therefore, in the end of each fundraiser, everyone knows how much was donated and how much is headed to UAlbany.


At the end of any ongoing fundraiser, all accumulated donations will be sent to the athletic department, minus any paypal fees that will be incurred through accepting credit card funds, etc. A copy of the sent donation will be posted on the uofalbany blog as well, as proof the funds are heading to UAlbany.


Although I would like to identify specific causes to raise fund for, at this time, I have labeled the inaugural fundraiser as 'General Athletics Fund'.


I have asked for a few suggestions and comments from a few individuals on this board, but have not received any feedback as of yet. Therefore, it will be left as such.


One benefit that this option of donation will offer is the idea that the donations will be made in the name of the uofalbany blog and big purple fans. Hopefully, this can bring a large group together, which can be easily identified by the university and community, and puts a name and face on great dane fans who spend time on the blog and bpf.


In the future, I will initiate fundraisers specifically for 'chairbacks in sefcu','football scholarship', etc..

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DP, would you mind deleting this thread.


I don't believe anyone will ever donate, and it will be a complete waste of my time.


Thanks bro.


Stay the course. It has been less than 24 hours.

The defeatist attitude must be abandoned.


Although I have had the donation link up on the blog for about a week, and only mentioned it here yesterday, it still hasn't been much time for people to react. You are correct Hagg. If it pulls in $50 or $10000 by the end, it really is worth it, regardless the amount.


I'm not a pessimist or defeatist by nature. Therefore, with this glimmer of hope that I've received from Hagg, I'll be happy to continue with this venture.


For anyone who contributes to the donation pool .... I will begin a thread for each ongoing fundraiser, and post the donor's name, bpf name, or just anonymous... whichever way the donor wants it. Make sure I know who you are by PM-ing me. At the end, I will determine where to apply the money, by asking each donor to which project they'd prefer applying their donation, and coming up with the best option.


DP, let's keep this thread going.

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