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Really...so we cant get a permanent stadium for half the size and about 3/4 of the $$$...i MEAN COME ON!!!


The first 8 pics (takes a while to load once you click on each pic)show the site that will start with nothing and end up 26k or so for 14.4 million dollars CAN



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Further research shows that Nussli of Switzerland built the stadium. Basically you rent the parts from them and they construct it. The kicker: you can make the rental permanent at once...or phases. I think that is what we have been hearing for the past year. It cost $518 per seat in Vancouver.


So...why not go get a "rental/perman" for a phased in plan with these guys...giving them a multi-year contract for a locked in stepped price format, plus options (3 year phase, 2 year option) at the following:


Year 1- Perm and Temp= $5.4mm in total spending

5,000 permanent seats at around $850 per seat (with press box and coaching boxes...plus 8 suites)= $4.2mm

2,000 temp seats= $1.2mm


Year 2- Swap and temp= $2.5mm total spending

2.000 permanent seats in end zone= $1.7mm

2,000 temp seats stay (at discount rate of 400 per seat)= $800,000


Year 3- Swap and temp= $5mm total spending

5,000 permanent seats= $4.2mm

2,000 temp seats (at discount rate)= $800,000


Year 4- Option= $1.6mm

Removal of 2000 temp seats= no cost (included in above)




make 2000 temp seats permanent= $1.6mm




Year 5- Option


Add more seats


Approx Total Spending= 14-20mm over 5 years (you still need bathrooms and concessions). All likely could be done for 3mm or less). Lights and a Bose PA system are included!!! I actually think my costs are higher than what could be negotiated.


Approx Perm Stadium Size= 14,000 seats


The kicker...these stadiums are designed to go right over the existing track/ground. Local work would be limited. Additionally, you likely will secure the funding from big donors and a sponsor (stadium name) with a plan like this in place. Get a company to sponsor the stadium name for about 5mm over 10 years, take some depreciation write-offs, get 1mm from the City of Albany, get $4mm in private donations (doable) and and 10-15mm from the State Capital fund (discussed by others) and there you go. And the entire thing is "GREEN"; Totally reusable products.




Google: Nussli and Brita Arena (they built the size we want in Germany for a 2nd Bundesliga team...13,000 seats...a "permanent" temp facility.


Also, 10,500 seat stadium in Libya (five months). http://www.nussli.com/uploads/media/200908_FC_Business_Modular_stadia_construction_EN_BER.pdf


List of modular stadium companies from a conference: http://www.stadiadesignandtechnology.com/downloads/sdt09_prog.pdf

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