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  1. Because we need to take a step up in all sports. CAA is just better than the AE. We aren't getting an invite into a multi bid conference in any sport but if we go to CAA maybe the CAA gets 2 lacrosse bids with us there.
  2. CAA is the logical upgrade to the AE. Towson and Hofstra every year would raise the RPI.
  3. Great first quarter. They look like they came to play tonight.
  4. Hypothetical question... Would we have been better off this year if we were full time in the CAA and ran the table or in the AE? I assume that if we had beaten Hofstra early in the season when they were ranked Top 5 that would have been huge but what if we only played them the last game of the season? Their bottom teams don't have much better records than the AE bottom.
  5. Are we ever going to wind FO's consistently against top teams? Seems like our Achilles heal every year.
  6. I think we all know that the team screwed themselves here. I was just pointing out that playing in one of the lesser leagues gives you very little wiggle room when more than half your league is bad. When SB is the only league opponent that helps your RPI, you have to continuously schedule very difficult OOC games away. That is not a recipe for success in the long run and if we want to continue to grow as a college sports program either the rest of the league needs to get a lot better or we need to find a new conference. I don't have a lot of faith in the rest of the conference.
  7. The fact is the CAA is a better conference in all sports. AE is a single team conference in every sport with the exception of this year because both UA and SB crapped the bed. Towson, Hofstra Drexel, UMass. Wins against teams like that would help us more year to year as opposed to the teams in the AE.
  8. Unfortunately it's another example of the America East Conference being an inferior conference. It hurts us in Lacrosse and it hurts us in basketball If we want better outcomes when it comes to the NCAA's we need to seriously up our programs and move into the CAA as a full fledged member.
  9. Just want to chime in on whether or not we are a powerhouse. My opinion is that we are not and the reason is the conference we play in. We are a very good team playing in a mediocre conference. This causes us to play bigger name teams on the road every year. Teams from the ACC, Big East and Ivy will always have the advantage of playing very good opponents at their home field. This takes nothing away from the job Coach Marr has done in building the program into a top team but IMO we will continue to lose more big games than we win because they will mostly be on the road. Once we start hosting Syracuse, UVA, Duke, ND, etc... That's when we can be considered a powerhouse.
  10. This team will have a hard time beating any of the top teams this year because of their inability to win face offs. Last nights game would have had a different outcome if we could have been 50/50 on the FOs. Our offense just needs the ball more than they are getting it.
  11. Watching Duke vs North Carolina today and just wish we were in a league like the ACC for Lacrosse I know that sports is cyclical and that the ACC is the strongest conference but I just feel like playing in the AE really hinders us. We need UMBC or Stony Brook to step it up and consistently be good otherwise I think our league doesn't offer us enough competition to work on our weaknesses.
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