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  1. Honestly, don't care about UA going down to Florida to play those teams. To me, better to have those teams then scheduling home games vs. SUNY DII-DIII schools. I want UA playing as many DI teams as possible.
  2. the concept photos in that "release" make me really happy.
  3. Wyland reporting Killings will remain as coach
  4. I just want to say, and probably not the thread or time to bring it up and many may say he's not ready...but I truly believe UA should take a very hard look at Brent Wilson for their next coach if this does go down.
  5. Bryant joining the AE https://twitter.com/BryantAthletics/status/1508928913606680576?s=20&t=i1Ok1CcSjV6ox5cbgvEweQ
  6. What the actual hell is all this? This athletic department is becoming a rutterless paper ship out to sea in a violent storm.
  7. 13 pts in the first half of conference tourney game. Good grief. Man, I hope this team gets an actually overhaul.
  8. I have zero reason to pay attention to this program. What an utter joke. Rewarding below mediocrity on the field. What in the hell are we doing here? He just went 2-9 and had ONE good season, which was slightly above avg for a CAA program. Pure and utter garbage.
  9. Holy crap I just realized the UA bench is on the other side now. That’s weird.
  10. Honestly I just got to learn about our team. Been a long time I watch and I got almost no clue about the team considering all the turnover.
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