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  1. Can these guys be crossed off our list because they don't cite the proper name of the school?
  2. Edward Scott, a former UAlbany baseball player and alum, is the AD at Morgan State. He worked at UAlbany from 2003-05. He also worked as an associate AD at Binghamton from 2008-2015. There is your connection.
  3. I have a feeling this series will end. I really like the idea of winner hosts the following season's game. Do the Saints not have confidence in their program? Tell those private school elites to put their money where their mouth is if they feel they are superior to us. Also, my feeling is that D'Argenio and Patsos will be out of jobs in the next two years anyway. Benson can deal with negotiating with their new regime and the game will eventually be back on again.
  4. If both programs continue going in the directions they are both going, I am comfortable saying this is going to be a winnable game for UAlbany in four years.
  5. It is amazing this guy started his coaching career as a student assistant under Sauers. Doc could have easily been the guy that got the ball rolling on this one.
  6. 6-10? And not one dunk in the highlight clips. Hmmmmmm....
  7. Winning is always a big part of the equation. He won a national title, became their all-time leading scorer and had two head-to-head wins against Fields. I think it was a no-brainer. If Ohio State won the title, I think Fields would have won it.
  8. Bring ponchos. Not umbrellas (as they aren't allowed inside the stadium as per NCAA rules).
  9. The way I look at it. If it rains, it rains. Who cares? Drink in the parking lots and be merry. Embrace the environment. Either way. Make North Carolina uncomfortable.
  10. What weather are you looking at? Albany, GA? I am seeing 100% chance of rain right now. LOL
  11. UAlbany probably never anticipated drawing these kinds of crowds for lacrosse. The athletic department will need to invest in a taller netting so they can make these seats on the berm available for bigger events (earn more revenue as well). I am just amazed that we can say we hosted both Maryland and North Carolina in the same season. Hopefully, these schools will want to come back during the regular season in future years. If we can draw 5,000+ for these games, while they would only draw 2,000, I think that says a lot. I am sure Hopkins will come to UAlbany for Marr son's senior season.
  12. Not sure how the weather will end up for Saturday night, but I would think rainy, windy and colder temps would benefit UAlbany. We have been playing in these conditions all season long. Carolina has been playing in warmer weather.
  13. The netting is there, but only 8 feet high. The purpose of it is to catch some of the shots. There is no way that device would protect people. Care to bet anyone will be sitting on the berm this Saturday night?
  14. Let's use common sense here people. Nobody will be sitting on the berm unless they want to get killed. It is the equivalent of a firing range. The berm will always be closed for lacrosse games.
  15. UBuffalo has a nicer and slighty bigger venue than the SEFCU (it originally held close to 9,000). Plus, I am pretty sure a majority of their seats are chairbacks now (lowering capacity to 6,100). When we have chairbacks covering both sides, then we might be in the running for a marquee opponent from the Big East to attend our arena. http://www.ubathletics.buffalo.edu/venues/basketball.shtml
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