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  1.  Here's something that I would like to believe about myself: That if I worked somewhere and I was seriously under-performing, and they told me to fire my best friend while signing me to a multi-year extension, that I would realize that it was too uncomfortable to stay. 

    But,  hey,  maybe the cost of GG'S loyalty is only an extra million. 

    I'm proud to NOT call him a friend. 


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  2. 16 minutes ago, jimbo said:

    Every Albany football fan and player got coal in their stocking this year. Benson is an utter joke. Union College is a shorter drive for me ...and they actually have a good coach and a winning program.  

    I was actually going to ask where I should go for good football. 

    Syracuse?... at least the opponents will be good. 

    Army?... great stadium but no personal connection. 

    Boston College?... I have reservations for personal reasons. 

    UConn? UMass? Dregs.

    Maybe I'll stick to other things. 

  3. 25 minutes ago, Clickclack said:

    Mark Benson is more interested in "keeping his word" than fixing a burned to the ground program. Now you know why so many programs have taken a step back under his leadership. I think we found a bigger loser than Greg Gattuso. Apparently his job as AD isn't to, you know, run a respectable program...it's to keep funneling money into the pocket of guy who shamelessly keeps taking it. Greg Gattuso apparently has zero professional pride and just here for a paycheck. How can you ever expect any winning from a guy who ALWAYS pins the blame on everyone around him but never takes any of it himself beyond a token "buck stops with me" while in the same breath hitting you with a but.....

    He couldn't wait to fire Brown...absolutely could not wait. In light of what he just did by not pulling that contract extension, it's absolutely crystal clear that the situation with Brown was personal (regardless if it was a right move or not). 

    I'm past the point of anger I think moving on to pure comedy. I can't wait for the disaster this is going to be. Again, Mark Benson actually thinks Gattuso's career here is redeemable. LOL...amazing.  

    But according to GG' himself, he has ALMOST succeeded in doing his job. (Always cites the close LOSSES.)

    Isn't that enough?


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  4. Maybe Benson's skillset is limited to fundraising, and personnel management is outside of his capabilities. 

    Come to think of it,  though,  his fundraising hasn't been too noticeable since leaving ODU.

    I never have an idea what he is thinking.  Has he ever held a presser?  The last big announcement was at the football game a few years ago where he asked us to stay in our seats at halftime for a HUGE announcement... that turned out to be getting a new vendor for the uniforms. 

    Holy hell.  😂🤣

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  5. 8 minutes ago, nysteve661 said:

    If this is true, there is only one explaination.  Maybe a few years ago, Gattuso walked into Benson's office without knocking and caught him in a compromising position with a woman who is not his wife, lol.  On the way back out, Gattuso told him you will keep extending me and my lips will be sealed.  😝😝😝

    How else can it be explained?

    Incompetence and stupidity could also be at play. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, cwdickens said:

    I bet Benson was heartbroken by the news......

    If he isn't he sure as hell should be.

    This program isn't interesting, successful, or notable enough to attract the casual fan.

    This program needs every ClickClack it can get. Guys that sit through poor play and crappy weather every year (except one) to support the program.  Guys that give money to the department and that stuff their faces with horrible concession food.  Guys that go on message boards with opinions, trying to create any semblance of interest they can from a waning fanbase.

    The ClickClacks are the only ones left.  Lose them and you have nothing and nobody....and a pretty $ienaty legacy when you go job hunting yourself when your contract runs out.

    He shouldn't only be heartbroken.  He should be standing at the Western Avenue entrance with his lips puckered, waiting to kiss the ass of anyone dedicated and foolish enough to spend their valued time and money on a product that he helped kill.

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  7. 3 hours ago, jimbo said:

    I have to say that some of the comments in the Syracuse game thread are not aging particularly well. Naming no names, but I’m wondering if a couple of members would like to weigh in after 5 more losses...11 in a row for those keeping count at home. It’s tough right now. I’d like to root for the team so that they get a win or two to reward them for their efforts. On the other hand, I don’t want some mirage of “we are turning it around” to cloud the dismal lack of success under GG. I’ve met him. Seems like a nice fellow. But you don’t get paid 300k to be a nice fellow. 

    James Madison to the FBS Sun Belt.

    UAlbany to the dregs of D1.


  8. 2 hours ago, jimbo said:

    34% winning percentage in the CAA, 9 losses in a row...yup, phenomenal. Phenomenal that he still cashes a paycheck....


    2 hours ago, Clickclack said:

    I mean he's gotta be delusional...right? How else can you explain it...at least just stick to game coverage but to go out of his way to praise this so called coach who's getting his ass kicked week in and week out for 7 out of the 8 years? Fans aren't stupid! We know a pile of $iena when we see it. 


    Everyone needs to seriously chill out, especially when it comes to judging Gold Old GG.

    If you selectively apply just 87 points to all six of the games, this team is undefeated with wins against a sub .500 FBS team and the gold standard of FCS, and is ranked high in the polls with a clear path to the FCS playoffs.

    87 points!  That's it.  You can score that in just one basketball game.

    People need to remember that it isn't about winning football games.  It is about how well you can rationalize the losses.

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