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  1. So I went to the UMBC game with 3 friends and they all said the same thing.....so I'm changing my grade to a ‘D’. I went to the game with 3 friends. The first quarter they put personnel in to run and you could see the panic for UMBC trying to get back, two were chasing that Aiyalogbe girl back. The spread in the score was going up and then subs come in and those players barely see the court in the 2nd quarter. The offence completely died, no more running, no more movement. Playing 4 against 5 again, no room for Tate to move around and do her magic when it's 4 on 5. No idea why?


    Then there’s a new play called pass it to Tate and have her create on her own the rest of the game, poor Tate I don’t blame her she’s an incredible player but who can’t see what’s happening! UMBC's coach prep'd them to slush off and take it away from her, if you don't keep the other team honest they will take advantage. Then the coach doesn’t call a timeout when Forster is on the floor and in trouble, so Forster picks up a foul!


    Runs a play at the end of the game and Stokes turns it over, then doesn’t have another play and runs the same play. Of course UMBC is going to get a jump on blocking the shot, it’s the same play. That’s just bad coaching. Whoever said we got the wrong coach was right! D!


    Oh I forgot why are we fouling with so much time left at the end, play good D there’s lots of time, we weren't playing some offensive juggernaut of a team…We couldn't believe all these mistakes happened in one game at the D1 level. It wasn't the girls who lost this game game!


    I originally dropped in to the thread, said I had the coach at a "D+", and then went away without posting any rationale.

    With that said, I have never said we have the wrong coach...I will wait for a few years before making up my mind on that.


    Still, I am not very encouraged by the early returns. Maybe I will do a cost benefit analysis at some point, but that would only be to defend my argument, and there's only so much energy I want to spend ruminating on this program...

  2. Women deal New Hampshire their first league loss, lead wire to wire for a 64-55 win. Sends a message they're not quite ready to give up the crown yet.


    And with tonight's win I am thinking of upgrading Coach Mac's first-year grade from a D+ to a C-.


    Still, with 24 more TOs tonight, I might keep her at a D+.


    Did you guys see the Mich State recruit who couldn't send in his LOI today because he committed armed (gun) burglary and was in prison and couldn't get to the fax machine.



    MSU will not be accepting him (tough choice, I'm sure).





    I think there is an NCAA bylaw that automatically downgrades you to "Preferred Walk-On" if you are serving time for armed robbery.

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  4. We also need to wait to see who signs late, who leaves... Last Spring, they had the LB from Wyoming - Mark S. had an article about how he could make an immediate impact then he disappeared. Also, last year after national signing day, Rodgers, Nick Dillon and Abner Logan signed. A few years ago Jamal Merritt showed up for fall camp... i guess the staff looks at how everyone looks during spring practice and then goes out to fill in gaps.


    You also need to wait for the BCS felonies to sort themselves out.

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    Mazon Walker DT 5'11 290

    Antoine White DT 6'2 290 (TR)

    Zach Verdi DE 6’2 245

    Anthony Lang OLB 6’3 225

    Shane Schuback ILB 6’2 238 JUCO

    Justin Walker LB 6’1 230 JUCO

    Nicky Mariano LB 6'1 246 JUCO

    Daniel Banks DB 5’10 165

    Damon Burton Jr. DB 5’10 170

    Karl Mofor RB 5’9 185

    Jerod Diggs WR 6’0 187 JUCO

    Marquis Thorne WR 6’4 204

    Eric Carter OL 6’4 280 JUCO

    Hunter Verdi OL 6’5 310

    Ryan Solt OG 6’3 290



    A.J. Mistler, S 6'0" 180 Preferred walk-on


    As much as we're all clamoring for a QB, any Frosh QB is going to be FAR behind Brunson. Let's also be honest and remember that Brunson looked a hell of a lot better than Sussman towards the end of the season. Let's hope he grows into his role. . He was a TRUE frosh last year.


    THIS...over, and over, and over.



    Short of signing some BCS transfer stud (which I highly doubt is going to happen), this year I would personally take a shake-up of the coaching staff over a new quarterback recruit.


    Looks like JMU released its schedule. No Albany on it. Mixed bag of news. We don't have to face the national champs, which is nice, but the last time we played them was there 2 seasons ago, so I was hoping we would get to see them at Casey. Also, as I said before, my coworker is their QB's uncle so that could have been fun for interoffice rivalry.

    Fun for you but terrible for the rest of us. Glad that powerhouse isn't on our schedule. We ain't ready lol. That team would put up 80 on us.



    Almost as many points as the UVM and UMBC teams would put up against that defense.


    Oh, wait...wrong thread.

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    As far as QB, Croons is graduating which leaves us only two on the roster. So look to see at least one if not two QB picked up.

    Btw. Did Nicastro graduate. For some reason I thought he had a year of eigibility left

    He may have gotten a sixth year of eligibility after the ACL but I assumed he was graduating. Same situation as Nic Ketter and Jack Forster. That's part of the challenge of redshirting freshmen - if they also get a medical redshirt later in their career, then you're asking them to play a sixth year and that's a lot to ask. That said, I assume that none of those three are returning but they could have all gotten a sixth year - don't know.



    As I understand it sixth years usually only occur when there are two injury-related redshirts...not when there is a medical redshirt and a developmental redshirt.

    If you redshirt freshman year for development you get four years of eligibility; if you get hurt it is tough luck...unless it is a particularly lengthy injury.

  9. Home game tonight against D-II Post University. Post is 1-9 and lists this game as an exhibition. They have a one-point win over Felician, and losses to Alaska-Anchorage 99-32 and 89-32 on consecutive nights.


    Albany men played Post three times in the D-II days when they were associated with a Japanese college and were known as Teikyo-Post.


    Yay! Not only a D2, but a crappy one at that!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.


    I have had the honor of watching my alma mater succeed in unimaginable ways over the years at the D1 level, and I am pleased that I have been able to share a lot of it with many of you. Sure there have been disagreements over the years but if we are going to be a part of what has been termed "The Big Purple Family" then internal squabbles should be expected...on my end I will just try to be less of the crazy uncle!


    So, safe travels if you are travelling, best wishes to all, and on Sunday let's finish off this extended holiday weekend with two wins against the other D1 team in town.


    Go Great Danes!


    ...and now on to the festivities!


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    FYI: I just got off the phone with someone in UA Athletics and he told me an e-mail is going out later today that cancels the draconian clear bag policy!!!!


    Score one for the little people...now onto stadium seats!

    Haha wow very surprised. They actually listened to others in the community and school.


    So the portable seats, can we being those in again since it was the bag policy that indicated we couldn't bring in seats?


    Hmm thought this was all UPDs doing. (Snark face)



    At he Delaware home football game a high-school aged kid walked by me carrying a lacrosse stick and I immediately wondered how UPD didn't try saving me from the vicious attack he could have unleashed on me.

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  12. The loss of Zakiya Saunders showed in tonight's game against Fordham. Freshman guards will need to grow up fast for a successful season, in my opinion.


    Losing Z definitely hurts, but UA has a serious baller in Trpcic. She isn't much of a shooter right now but she showed a lot of confidence distributing the ball in this game, and she has high level quickness and court vision...look for her to put on a good show against LCC.


    With that said, Stokes still looks uncomfortable and lost out there and she is making way too many simple mistakes to justify increased minutes. Developing her as a viable back-up option is going to be a larger lift than developing Trpcic as a reliable ball distributor.

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