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  1. He has come to several Alumni tailgates over the last years. Great teammate!
  2. Nahjee Adams, Easton HIS, Easton, Pa, RB, 5' 11", 190 Lbs. https://twitter.com/nahjeeadams_ https://www.hudl.com/profile/8125390/Nahjee-Adams Such a Blessed Day Today Earning my 14th Offer from the University of Albany. Super Excited & Blessed to be in this position.. with this Amazing Opportunity!! @UAlbanyFootball @CoachHolley_UA #PurpleFam #EveryRepMatters UAlbany not on top five list!
  3. https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Former-UAlbany-football-star-Orin-Griffin-dies-15246290.php?fbclid=IwAR0IJKVfjc8npnyI1ACA33AxKtSphyAAPvv-IReijALKZO9t_WnaADxCTFA I was a Junior when Orin came to the team. He was a good one in that Wishbone Option that Coach Ford installed, with Tommie, Marvin and Glenn, and of course our QB John, what an offense; and he was FAST! Griff was always very soft spoken and got the job done! The Purple Family will miss him! A few of Purple Family teammates: Kenny Schoen, Rudy Vito and Jim "Tiny" Halloway had previously passed away and are greatly missed.
  4. Really nice. The article also points to other players coaches know personally having coached them who have spoken to groups of UA players. Nice work by them.
  5. "Last I heard, it was Patterson, Kunz, and Ron John" What does this mean? They are staying or graduating!
  6. "If he is right and IF I understood his premises, free tuition in NY should become an even bigger incentive to play & pay lacrosse in NY. I'd welcome ALL thoughts and opinions from anyone who finds the time to read the article!" AGREE 100%
  7. Agree. The other leg up might be the free tuition for NY state residents. Since lacrosse only gets 12.6 scholarships it has to be tough. I would think there are types of funding available too; students in need, kids who are great students etc. So much has changed since I went to school I don't know anymore. Anything new to report now?
  8. Haven't checked into lacrosse lately, still upset with the season ending like it did. Any Seniors staying? Will be very disruptive I think, especially to recruited class coming in. Diamond sees the handwriting on the wall. So Skidders is leaving? He didn't play at all and I have not heard good things about him anyway, although he is talented, hurts the team with lack of effort and attitude so I hear.
  9. NICE!!!! With Nat leaving { assume anyway] he should fit right in. The younger guys won't be happy though
  10. Parris James Heath, Spring Valley, NY, U of Maryland, 6' 4" 325, G, T, https://twitter.com/heath_parris https://twitter.com/heath_parris/status/1254081913746309123/video/1 Thankful for the opportunity! #GREATDANES
  11. Josh Gaffney, Central York HS, York, Pa., G, T, 6' 4" 310 Lbs., https://twitter.com/JoshGaffney3 https://www.hudl.com/profile/9273392/Joshua-Gaffney Thankful to have received my 4th offer from the University at Albany! @CoachHolley_UA @UAlbanyFootball Committed to U Albany
  12. Amara Yobouet, Northeast HS, Philadelphia, DT, DE, 6' 1", 255 Lbs. https://twitter.com/AmaraYobouet https://www.hudl.com/profile/11667730/Amara-Yobouet/videos# Blessed to receive an offer from Albany University! @CoachJoeDavis Committed to U Albany
  13. Mario Kljajic, Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa, T, 6' 3", 280 Lbs. https://twitter.com/MarioKljajic7 https://www.hudl.com/video/3/10508385/5db79bedd21c67025825086a Honored to receive an offer from the University of Albany!
  14. Josh Toner, Cherokee High School, Marlton, NJ, DT, G, 6' 3", 295 Lbs. https://twitter.com/JoshToner7 https://www.hudl.com/profile/11197683/Josh-Toner Blessed to receive my 9th D1 offer to The University of Albany! @Fballchiefs @CoachOrlovsky Committed to JMU
  15. THIS is just awesome! They all deserve it I'd say. Looks like Griffin Clancy may sign as an undrafted free-agent according to what has been said. Great for them, the program and recruiting.
  16. Miles Cross, Our Lady of Good Counsel High School Olney, MD, WR 6' 1", 195 Lbs. https://twitter.com/MilesCross10 https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8381292/5ddb43893deb67137043d5e1 Blessed to receive an offer from The University of Albany @coachbernard11 Committed to OHIO
  17. You could be right. Makes a lot of sense! Or he might have gotten a PWO. Mostly FCS schools offering him.
  18. David Pantelis, Upper St. Clair, Pittsburgh, Pa, WR DB, 6' 0", 189 Lbs, 4.7 40, https://twitter.com/Davidpantelis11 https://www.hudl.com/video/3/2911653/5ddf30a2a6764214d4a48815 Extremely honored and excited to say I have received an offer from Albany! @UAlbanyFootball Committed to Yale
  19. Erik Russell, Boston College HS, Boston, Mass., OT, 6' 7", 285 Lbs. https://247sports.com/Player/Erik-Russell-46093925/ Committed to Wake Forest
  20. Jalen Clyatt, Sherwood HS, Sandy Spring, MD, FS, WR, 6' 4", 197 Lbs https://twitter.com/4titude_ https://www.hudl.com/profile/9432929/Jalen-Clyatt Blessed to have received an offer from the University of Albany ! Committed to East Carolina
  21. Sammy Knipe, State College Area HS, State College, Pa, LB, S, Ath, 6' 1" , 220 Lbs., https://twitter.com/sammyknipe https://247sports.com/Player/Sam-Knipe-46050511/ Excited to have received an offer from The University of Albany #GreatnessLivesHere Committed to Navy!
  22. Mike Gecik, Delaware Valley, Milford PA, OT DT 6' 3", 265 Lbs. https://twitter.com/MikeGecik70 https://www.hudl.com/profile/9434621/Mike-Gecik Thankful to receive an offer from Albany! @coachbernard11 Committed to U Albany
  23. Jason Henderson, Delaware Valley HS, Miulford, Pa, RB, LB, 6' 0", 210 Lbs. https://twitter.com/JasonHe15613474 https://www.hudl.com/profile/8027885/Jason-Henderson After a great walk with coach @coachbernard11 I’m blessed to receive an offer from Albany, thank you for this opportunity! U Albany not on top 7 list! Committed to Old Dominion!
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