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  1. Yes. The better MAN won today. I know it is a team game. But still feel UA Superior to VT in ALL aspects of the game except the X. Stay close @ face off; even if in 60-40 range we beat them all 3 times. Instead they do +70% @ X. Maybe just sour grapes but still feel VT only 4th best team in AmEast. If goals/per time of possession was a stat that meant anything it would show how dominant UA "could be." 60 minute game, I estimate UA had the possession maybe 15minutes--ok give them 20 and 10 goals in 20 minutes ½ goal every minute or a goal every 2 minutes. So VT 15 goals in 40 minutes = .375 goa
  2. I know the AmEast has a transition plan for teams joining and coming up from a lower level. Anyone know the AmEast or NCAA plan for teams leaving and transitioning down?? Do they stay on the schedule, can they win championships and auto bids?
  3. Am I missing something? The last I heard the Hartford president said DIII was only one of many options under discussion? Has some sort of decision been made?? Or are people making assumptions based on the above link; which from what I see has nothing to do with a change to DIII, only a recruiting violation involving a former DIII student?? NEVER MIND. Just saw the link in General.
  4. Agree that UA has been all about giving the outside shot and protecting in close. But yesterday UA did not seem to react/change their strategy when UMBC proved the outside shot was hot. UMBC had 10 goals from their middies (9 between Dupuis & Galloway) some from WAYOUT; 1 goal from a long stick D; and only 1 goal from an attack. I guess one could say the strategy worked; gave up only a single goal from attack and DID win the game. But it seemed me {lucky I'm NOT the coach} that we could have/should have made some adjustments to the game plan after BC started nailing those long ones? Also,
  5. If the poles don’t slide out, doesn’t that put a lot of pressure on the middies? How do you defend teams like UMBC & Cuse, who get most of their scoring from the outside? Never played Lax, so I’d really appreciate your thoughts on when to slide & when not; and how to defend long range shots
  6. That was ugly but I’ll take. UMBC 1 goal from their attack. I guess UA D decided to sit back; deny everything in close; & let UMBC fire away from long range—some VERY long.
  7. YEH! Eli is back. Thanks for the updates. Hope the move is going well.
  8. Here is a bizarre theory for you. If a goalie cannot catch a shot cleanly might as well let it score. Swatting the shot aside or worse knocking it back out front; probably worse than letting the goal in. Even if the goalie is a 50-60% goal saver, don't catch it cleanly and there is a very large chance you are NOT going to save the next one. Swat it aside and more than likely all you are doing is wearing out your defense, making it even more likely you are not going to save the next shot. Making your defense play another 80 seconds {god I hate the shot clock}; if you can't stop the shot cleanly
  9. Agree 100%; UA issues are much more than age; notice it really was only a post script in my rant. Agree lack of an on the field leader bigger issue. I think what I am really trying to say, this leadership has to come from the young guys. I have not really seen much from the seniors. Also not splitting hairs but due to covid, Yunker and others, really experience wise are not what their grade level indicates. No fall ball, fewer games, long lay offs are not conducive to building experience and leaders. Also Agree, Patterson has always been more effective off ball & even as the forth attack.
  10. McFan you are right-on. For UA it is & has always come down to face-offs. UA wins when it can stay around 50% OR has a dominant goalie who can get the O the ball, when the face-off "team" is sub par. It has always been about # of possessions for UA.
  11. This is going to sound lame; but I still feel UA is a far superior team overall to VM. Sure VM has won 4 straight but there has been extenuating circumstances each time. Two were played in absolute downpours in Vermont {I know weather is same for both teams, but home team really has an advantage knowing the field conditions, especially in inclement weather.} Both games this year really decided by one bad UA qtr (2nd first game, 3rd yesterday.) I know everyone {me included }is sick of the excuses; but yesterday VM was playing for their season a loss to UA and brook (IMHO VM will lose to brook)
  12. Starting to get awfully excited about this team. Still like to see a BIG [see 4/22 post.] DK doing a hell of a job building a team. Eli where is your updated projected roster? Saw it a few days back; but do not remember where it was posted.
  13. Terrible production by Vermont. Very long range & no replays. Was listed as ESPN3; but moved to+?? Which I had recently canceled. Thought I would not need it until fall. AmEast network has been good mostly. Why did/does Vermont use ESPN 3/+, with such poor equipment?? Anyone know what AmEast tournament media outlets wil be?? Now that I re-upped (+) still want to delete.
  14. Wonder why Tehoka was not drafted? Was he NOT eligible?? I wonder if he plans on playing another year of college LAX somewhere?? Any insight or thoughts on this; greatly appreciated.
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