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  1. He is a flat out star with ALL [-Greaney] his receiving core coming back. He has no competition for his position. With a little help/improvement from the defense, UA in spite of Gattuso could be a force to reckoned with in a weakening caa for the next three years. And if Gattuso somehow manages to screw this up {and this is entirely possible/predictable} Poff really has little to lose by coming back. As good as Poff is, he really is too small for a pro career. Might as well be a "star" fish in a small pond {even if the pond is muddied by poor maintenance by the pond's caretakers.}
  2. When I first read this, my reaction was positive in that I thought it would help bring NANO back to UA. After reading 96 & go99, I realized how wrong I was. And after remembering that Kalo was responsible for suny poly and its westward expansion and the abandoning of UA, lock him up and throw away the key. Thanks guys for enlightening me and straightening me out.
  3. Love your optimism. Nice assessment also. While, not convinced about some of the pieces (IMHO some of the players just are not D1 material); I really HOPE DK can bring some semblance of respect this year. And survives the lawsuit, pulls out a miracle 5 ½ minutes, and puts it all together year 3.
  4. From a retired Math teacher here is Benson's formula for success R =Recruit good student athletes, B = Coach Badly, D = Denigrate the good students YOU recruited to cover your a$$; R+B+D = CONTRACT EXTENSIONS & BIG BUCK$. E = Extra credit: get a couple {BD's} = Big Donors--NOT "Doonesbury's" {the common man} they don't matter.🤒
  5. The email while vague was intended to produce much need donations, but seemed more threatening than encouraging. Obviously, with the reconfiguration of SEFCU/Broadview, seat assignments have to change. Instead of reassuring past season ticket holders and donors that they will be getting as good as they had before; they insinuated donate now to get good seats in the new arena. But did not offer any guarantee or explanations of what the new seating & Priority policy would be. Pretty poor marketing as usual.
  6. Yes, I heard this too. Like you, I was/am not sure if he was referring to the Present or Future when talking about Jackson & Reddish injuries & absences?? Might have been just a misstatement in the heat of the moment????
  7. For what it's worth; for the most part I have to agree with Clack, that this is NOT a very talented team and at best is made up almost entirely of DII & III kids. Only real DI talent IMHO Beagle, Drumgoole, Neely & Jackson {got to disagree with Clack on this one}. A couple games back I posted MY player by player analysis but took it down when no one seemed to want to join in on the fun. Since, many on this thread now seem to be into it; here is my 2¢: Roger Wyland was going ga-ga yesterday over Patel & Edmead, saying they were bright spots. In truth, like pretty much most everyone on this roster, they both just had a fluke game. IMHO they will regress to the mean, that being DII for Patel and DIII for Edmead. Everyone got excited about Davis with 32 vs lcc, has done pretty much nothing since, or really even before [DII+ player at best.]. Never did understand all the excitement over Reddish--can't shoot, poor defense, doesn't rebound, always/mostly in the wrong spot and looks confused--OK I'll give him a lower DI for athleticism & he has a famous brother. I'll keep Hutch DI only because of his experience, and toughness, and he rebounds the hell out of the ball, even though he is slow and undersized. Amica who KNOWS what he is?? Not another on the roster even close to being or becoming a DI player IMHO. As for DK, I'm still reserving judgement on his coaching overall. Got to give him some credit for getting this misfit (hope that is not as bad as "garbage") line-up for playing hard. Got to give a big negative for putting this misfit line-up together, and for in game adjustments, and opponent scouting and game prep/Plan.
  8. Yes, i found the nec host. Kind of weird they are an ESPN league. Lcc in Florida tournament with Maac sponsor. I guess sponsor does not necessarily get to use their network??
  9. Anyone know who the host league is for this tournament; and why does FloSports have the rights??
  10. Excellent assessment. I listened to Wyland at least 3 games; {2 like you no flosports & the lcc game, cannot deal with the lcc homers} and you are 100% right on how many times Wyland has announced a past up easy lay-up for a 3 that misses.
  11. Thought you were being sarcastic, but now that you are down in the sunshine state; thought you might be having too much fun to know/remember our former BB coach came one game [a few points actually] from winning the USB championship last year. 😉
  12. And not to kick a dead horse {actually this dead horse seems to have 9 lives}, but to emphasize how bad THIS season was/is UA's 2 conference wins came against teams with a combined conference record of 3-13 [4-18 overall]. Great season, a lot of improvement , much to look forward to horse {I mean coach}🤩
  13. Coach & GM of Albany Patrons of the US Basketball League
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