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  1. Speaking of an impressive first game: Two years ago, one of UA's weaknesses was finishing [.e shooting %age.] Last year it seemed to be coming around before the season canceled. Check this out game1---Patterson 4 goals on 4 shoots; Hay 2 for 4; Burgmaster 3 out of 3; Tucker 2 for 2; and Schwab 1/1. That's four guys shooting 100% and one @ 50%. Granted Schwab only took one shoot. Even Casey shot 33%. I know its early but IMPRESSIVE.
  2. SADLY, Sutters is now City Line. OK place but NOT SUTTERS.
  3. Would put UA in bigger Title IX issues than they have now. Of course, they seem to got away with so far???????????/
  4. I think you are right football unlikely to go; Except as previous noted Hofstra canned football within two years of its major stadium upgrade, so anything is possible. My suggestion and has been for years [dart throwers fire away] is get back into the Northeast Conference. Probably cover the entire 15% budget cut the athletic department is being mandated. Would not be surprised if the Athletic department is made to even bare a bigger %age than the UA 15% mandate. Anyhow, IMHO getting out of the caa; save on # of schollies, travel, equipment, etc; plus we would NOT have the competitive rec
  5. Benson is/was a money man [a bookkeeper to be more precise] NO MORE; and IMHO only so-so at that. I have attached part of his bio, you can read the whole thing on your own if desired. Says nothing about being an Athletic or Program Builder or A Leader of Men. As for communication skills, pretty sure there are few or any on this blog who can say anything positive. During his time at Old Dominion, Benson was responsible for budget preparation and administration, as well as providing sport supervision for men’s and women’s sailing. Prior to his time at Old Dominion, Benson worked at Coca-Col
  6. Getting back to yesterdays game for a moment; Here is a copy I texted to a non-blog friend after the game yesterday: Not to make excuses. Hartford was the better team today. But consider Hartford played 6 out of conference games to UAs 2. 14 in conference to UAs 12. Got home court because of the un-balanced schedule. 3 of their wins vs bingo & Maine; 9th & 10th in conference. UA never got the opportunity to fatten up on either. UA had 3+ COVID pauses to Hartford’s one or none. So team that should have won today did. Everything was in their favor. ps . If you don't think home
  7. After serving the last four seasons as the Great Danes’ associate head coach, Pickard was elevated to head coach in 2019 and led UAlbany to its first America East Championship title since 2011, beating Hartford in a five-set thriller. Eventually lost to #2 Texas in NCAA. Not sure if Benson can be credited with the hire. Josh elevated after Benson and Coach Eggstrom mysteriously parted ways {i.e non-favorite fired imho{
  8. NO. I live and die UA athletics and have so for 50 years. But IMHO I would not fire Will Brown if he was (8-22 5 years in a row; which he wasn't.) I would also NOT advocate the "status quo." I guess, I would do something like offer a new contract with a reasonable ultimatum and time frame. I am also NOT an administrator; but if I was, I hope I would provide ALL my coaches and staff the resources needed to be successful; to the best of my abilities.
  9. Benson is mindless and in-competent. Don't hold your breath for a quality hire. If lucky maybe his hire won't take 6-7 years to build maybe build-up a program like his last major hire maybe has
  10. Personally I am devastated. This NOT about whether Will Brown is a good coach or not. He will land on his feet. This is NOT about money per say. What they save on a new coach will be a pittance in the scheme of things. This is about Benson NOT liking Brown and playing favorites. Benson came here to build-up the football program and one can argue whether he has done that or not; but IMHO what he has done while "trying" to build football has been detrimental to all other UA athletic programs and even deadly to some. University Athletics in spite of everything you read is NOT a busines
  11. CW. I could not view this at all anywhere. I do not have instagram. APPRECIATE you promoting it and you trying to keep this blog informed of all things UA athletics. But suggest let those 9000 views do their thing and leave your instagram links OFF this blog. DO NOT mean to hurt your feelings but these instagram links take up a huge amount of space on the blog and are often just repetition of information already available to most who use this blog. I say this as a FRIEND, most on this blog do not need these instagram links. Those that like and use instagram already have the information yo
  12. official box score corrected; actually 15 goals on 12 assists. Shows excellent team work, un-selfishness and everyone working together. Very IMPRESSIVE.
  13. reposted from Volleyball: Volleyball broadcasted their game today on ZOOM. Not sure if that qualifies as a broadcast; but was definitely an improvement over last week. Joined them in progress after the lacrosse match and after I figured out how to install zoom.
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