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  1. I have listened to Andrew Cuomo's daily updates. The thread title paints a bleak near term future.  However, I have spoken with my wife about attending football games without a COVID-19 vaccine in place.  For many UAlbany fans, attending games would be going into harm's way.  Andrew Cuomo has stated there is no going back to old ways without a vaccine (Monday's news conference). We need to deal with the new normalcy until a vaccine is available.  P.S. I thought about starting a thread about the potential of limited or no fan access.  We are tough group... Surprised that more did not see this potential.

  2. 3 hours ago, dslyank said:

    Two articles in today's TU addressing why low and mid majors NOT going after freshman. Both express the transfer portal and expected no sit rule change. Greg Marshall now of Wichita State was noted as a "Program" builder and says he is now forced into being a "Team" builder. Article is from AP "Transfer portal causing headaches."


    Article stated grooming incoming freshmen is a thing of the past.

  3. Today's Albany Times -Union has an article about the Transfer Portel.  In brief, the articles details how th the Transfer Portal has left coaches in all conferences, at all levels of play and NCAA Division affiliation scrambling for players.  The days of establishing a program are over; while putting a team together year to year is now the norm.

  4. 2 hours ago, AlbanyFan2018 said:

    Petro and staff fired at Hopkins. Marr's name will undoubtedly come up in the conversation as a possible replacement. 

    Good observation, he may even express an interest.  However; Hopkins has not been the same team for a few years plus Scott's son has graduated from Hopkins.  Unless Scott no longer feels appreciated at UAlbany, he is staying.  His roots to the Capital District have grown deep.

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  5. On 4/10/2020 at 7:24 AM, nysteve661 said:

    Alright Scott Marr, put on your best recruiting hat and have Michael Sowers from Princeton come by for a visit.  He just put his name in the transfer portal since Princeton (and Yale) will not allow a withdrawl and then a re-entry to get the extra year.  Now if TD does the same, and we get both guys (and Tehoka comes back), look out for next season!  I must be dreaming, lol.

    I feel that Michael Sowers likely has a select few schools in mind.  The schools are Syracuse, Duke, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.   All have a history going to NCAA regularly plus top notch graduate schools.  Perhaps,  Scott can tap into our recent past: Thompson brothers, Connor Field, Blaze Riorden and the many others.  Yes, we have great graduate programs however; we likely competing with one of the blue bloods.

  6. 53 minutes ago, Eli said:

    Not sure what the point of your post is. No one is saying it should matter to the NCAA and no one is talking about high majors here.

    The argument is that teams in one-bid leagues are low major and that simply is not true.

    Perhaps, I do not understand the point your are making.  Perhaps, neither one of us are saying anything meaningful.  However, Gonzaga is major team in an otherwise mid major conference.

  7. 12 minutes ago, Eli said:

    Again, as someone else already told you, Gonzaga is in a one-bid league. They aren't mid-major? Get out of here with this nonsense.

    Mid-major status is dependent on things like RPI, etc. Not conference affiliation. When we were at our peak during the three-peat championships, along with Vermont, we were 100% mid-major. We've dropped back the last 5 years to being low-major due to per recruiting, but that's another painful topic for another day.

    Eli, thank you for sharing this fact however with thoughts:  if your team is in the ACC, Big East, PAC-12, Big-10, Southeastern and a couple of other conferences no matter your RPI is at any given time, your are "MAJOR" team.  In basketball 🏀, for fan interest only a mid major poll has been published to give those teams outside the major conference something to feel good about.  the rise of the mid-major concept started.  We splitting hairs are about something that means little to the NCAA, it's winning your conference tournament followed by number of wins,  strength of schedule schedule and quality wins which adds up to RPI ratings.

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  8. 7 hours ago, Clickclack said:

    Tell Vermont they are a low major as they continue to finish around 75 in various rankings...But then again, we are no Vermont. Albany hasn't beaten them since 2016. That is simply mind boggling...4 years of getting your ass kicked, many games weren't even close. Four years getting smacked by a school with far worse facilities and comparable budget. 

    Just a reminder, Vermont has serious plans in place to upgrade their athletic facilities in particular a new basketball 🏀arena and ice hockey arena.  Their fan support makes this possible.  I agree it's time to field a team that can sweep UVM plus Stony Brook University in the same season.

  9. 5 hours ago, Bball2020 said:

    Healy will be all conference candidate, hutch was all rookie, rizzuto solid anderson solid, amica potentially deadly , still cannot believe ua got him over siena. As for horton, we all agree they need more athletic players who can create own shot. Fact that he is also 6’5 would be why stony brook and umbc fans were salivating for him. Good friend of mine is a umbc fan who said this kid was supposed to be kj jackson with height and handles. Lets get two to three good grad transfers and make a run at a league title!

    I think these are honest observations.  My thoughts: the need going forward is taking the returning players, the known new comers and the To Be Determine and preparing these 13 - 14 individuals into a functional team where player performance and team synergies come together.  

  10. 12 hours ago, AlbanyFan2018 said:

    As of right now I think no more than one or two seniors may come back. I agree with you that the NCAA policy while well intentioned was a mistake with too many unintended consequences.

    No idea on Tehoka, but it wouldn't shock me if he doesn't return. The Native players are very tight, and his best friends are moving on. 

    I am taking a more optimistic view that Tehoka will return.

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  11. To Eli, Clickclack, NYSteve661, Dane Pound and others who have excellent observations about the trends about our recruits.  There is a new norm caused by the transfer portal.  Its existence has given, many high school and prep prospects, the mentality of taking the "best" opportunity with option to bail out if things do not go their way.  Division I basketball 🏀is not high school or prep ball.  It requires you to continue to develop your athletic skills.  I have wondered if the prospect of having a player for four years at the mid-major level is becoming a thing of the past.  With 200 or so mid majors competing for players, the opportunity of hitting a home run on a recruit is a daunting task.

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  12. April 3, 2020: chilling at home with my family and dog,  social isolating, feeling blessed that my family is healthy however; thinking about the medical community and others on the front lines dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic.  The anticipation of the Syracuse and UAlbany Men's Lacrosse game has long faded.  Small sacrifice in these trying times.  Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.

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  13. 3 hours ago, dslyank said:

    From Inside Lax article today. “I’m not going to play anywhere else,” said Ierlan, a 2019 Tewaaraton Trophy finalist. “If I play again, it’ll be at Yale.”

    So let's move on. I did 2+ years ago--NO TD. Have two very highly touted fogo's coming in and I saw some good things from Danny Mastropaolo. IMHO Jones and Altamari need to move on also. Go with the future.


    T.D. expressed sentiments come as no surprise; he is a Yale Bull Dog.  No looking back!!  For us, let us move forward.

  14. 15 hours ago, UAalum72 said:

    TU story on Horton committing

    Will be 22 on May 1, two years eligibility left

    “I can hit shots," said Horton, who made 33 percent of his 3-point attempts for Pratt, averaging nearly five attempts per game, “but my best asset is getting in the lane, keeping pressure on the defense. Me being a bigger guard, it draws some extra attention. I know Albany has a couple of shooters, so that should work out perfectly.”

    He played high school basketball at Holy Cross in Jamaica.

    “He might be one of the more well-liked guys on our campus,” Flynn (Pratt CC coach) said, "from secretaries to custodians to anyone in the building. He has an incredible personality. You’ll remember him and you’ll want to talk to him.”

    UAlbany AD still interested in playing Siena men's basketball next season

    But Maciarello texted he is not talking to UAlbany about reviving the game 

    In regards to the renewal of the UAlbany -Siena Basketball 🏀 Rivalry game; after listening to Mark Benson the other night, I was left the feeling that this was a man looking for revenue sources and ways to control expenses.  Yes, one and one is the ideal situation and while Maciacello stated he is not talking to UAlbany, I am certain Siena A.D. John is mulling this over.  This game is about the money 💰not the rivalry.

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  15. UAlbany fans loved T.D. however; as I recalled one of the reasons for Yale was to seek a better educational experience that he did not find at UAlbany.  Our feelings were hurt when he announced his departure.  We can speculate; if Scott Marr and Benson has discussed this possibility and if fans and the team would welcome his return.

    My thought: low possibility T.D.  returning to UAlbany.  College and pro metaphor does not come into play.  I willing to speculate T.D. has not considered this option.

  16. On 3/31/2020 at 9:15 AM, UAalum72 said:

    NCAA gives spring sport athletes extra year of eligibility

    May depend on how much money each school has available. Also, willl seniors on partial scholarship be willing to put their life on hold plus pay for the coming fall semester before next spring's sports start? or could they drop out in the fall and re-enroll in January?

    Good point made here: NCAA has offered no financial assistance to member schools; to support this change; individual schools will need to budget funds.

  17. 33 minutes ago, dslyank said:

    I'm betting or maybe just hoping that fall-ball might be expanded. Perhaps even making it a mini-season of sorts. Compensate for nearly a whole season missed. I recall college baseball in the northeast tried/experimented with a split fall-spring season. Don't remember why it was disbanded and I am pretty sure tennis and golf also have used such a format before.

    Anyhow, an expanded fallball season would help teams get in game shape; after barely getting any real game experience this spring. I know practice is important; but nothing is like actually playing other competition for a teams development. ALL thoughts, opinions and objections welcomed! 

    For lacrosse: I see fall practices as critical for player development; however I do not see any significant changes in fall scrimmages unless there are paying fans in the stands.  Until we get past this COVID-19 pandemic and it's impact on budgets, no one is looking to spend money.

  18. In light of the current state of the NYS budget, the SEFCU Arena and Alumni Gym may have to wait another year.

    Benson 's tone about budget with Roger, left me feeling there are some tough choices to be made.

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