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  1. The 2022-2023 UAlbany Sports Calendar begins this Thursday with WSOC: AUG 18 (THU) 4:00 PM AT UMASS AMHERST, MASS. HISTORY
  2. How did this fly under the radar of BigPurpleFans Nation .... best wishes to Men's Basketball Assistant Coach Hamlet Tibbs and his lovely wife on tying the knot this weekend ... some nice photos and clips of the event on Instagram .....
  3. Coach Killings is extending his reach to the coaches of northern Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties by hosting a coaches clinic at Saratoga Middle School, Thursday August 25, albany_mbb 🚨 Coach Killings and staff are hosting a Coaches Clinic with some special Guest Speakers!! 🚨 Sign up at the πŸ”— in our bio! #BeGreat #MENTALITY
  4. Men’s Basketball Adds Bobby Jordan to Staff After spending time at Wagner College, traveled with his head coach to St Peters .... the MAAC champs and dream team of the past NCAA MBB Tournament .... now "abruptly" comes here ... there is an interesting comment on social media from a member of St Peters sports conditioning unit
  5. My contact stated in early July, "the people in charge" expected to have everything completed by the middle of July with an announcement. A follow up note stated that two or three of the sites expressed concerns and/or became cautious to making a commitment.
  6. Thomson Headlines Six Great Danes at U21 World Championship in Ireland
  7. The Great Danes Volleyball are headed back to campus ... including starting off from Instanbul, Turkey, Germany, Poland and Canada ualbanyvb The Great Danes are making their way to Albany!! Pt.1 more to come!!!
  8. Considering the NY Giants record over the last few years, you might want to look elsewhere for inspiration.
  9. New season ... looks like a new team ... now up to sixteen new student -athletes. ten with previous college experience, six whose last experience was with clubs .... will they sync in playing style before conference play? Time will tell
  10. Strongly suspect, alumni at Albany Law would object strongly despite financial concerns that have occurred in recent years... Albany Med .... enjoys its independence ... Albany Pharmacy ... not sure .... but do they not have some association with Union College
  11. Sounds like you have missed Greg's interviews on the local media, both radio and TV.
  12. UAlbany MSOC has announced eight new student-athlete signings; 6 with previous college affiliation and two with International club affiliation.
  13. Not just at the camp on the last day ... I have spoken to AD from a Saratoga County high school ... and the assistant coach at one of the local city high school .... GG and his staff have reaching out to local schools ... members of the UAlbany football community ... my neighbor, a member of this group, was decked all new UAlbany football gear .... and talked glowing about UAlbany and the football program .... a complete turnaround from a conversation from last fall ... I have belief that either Mark Benson and/or a member of his staff have told DK, the basketball coach and GG to reach out former UAlbany athletes to help advance our athletic programs
  14. Agree completely .... 7 - 4 record or the cries for a firing or two will be deafening ...
  15. Full Golf Roster Named to MAAC Academic Honor Roll
  16. Win games, win respect .... crunch time for Greg .... and Mark .... considering the extension given
  17. Yes, I agree that DK volunteering in the community is nice; however this is not unique to DK ....all UAlbany Sports teams and coaches complete community service projects in the greater Capital District during and off the school year .... something that has going on long before DK arrived on the scene
  18. Hard to explain why DK drove 4 hours down to Centereach unless he saw value: jaydubbs5 Verified Talk about the epitome of character. Drove 4 hours to visit me and break bread. @dkillings really is different. @ualbany is in great hands. Looking forward to @ualbany_mbb continued success. Appreciate you coach πŸ’œπŸ’›. #uauknow jaydubbs5 Verified Fishing or Catching 🎣. πŸ“Έ @montauk_fishing_charters #hammertime Lastly catching up with the Iati's: jiati14 Great night out with my brother! ( Oh and Jacob was there too )πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  19. Most people here can connect the UAlbany dots in your comments plus your comments were informative
  20. Clickclack ..... time does not have to pass on your thoughts .... both are on target .... what three assistants out the door .... looking for a top notch assistant at this time of year not good .... perhaps Jamar Wilson may be coming back as an assistant .... Now has his Master's Degree Not playing professional ball DK has stopped in visited Jamar Wilson ..... around the same time Jon Iati and Jamar Wilson were together
  21. UAlbany Athletics Claims Three NACMA Awards
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