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If they're going for another transfer I hope it's a legit power forward type who might be undersized in a big time program but could be a powerful banger in the AE or another "True" center.


The only position I'm not comfortable with for next year is PF.


Our Backcourt should be real tough Wilson, Jordan, Iati, Bauman, Lillis, Johnson and Cheese


Our small forwards should be solid Levine, Knotts, Martin, Q and Lillis


Power forward questionable Wyatt (?), Hughes(?) and Wilson


Center Zoellner, Hughes (?)


The caliber of transfers the staff has brought in so far seems excellent and the idea of 3 true Freshman and a transfer isn't a bad mix.

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I understand what your saying but Knotts and Q are not POWER FOWARDS by any stretch of the imagination. Knotts has no explosiveness around the hoop and Q has athleticism but no muscle or bulk.


If we are thinking of winning the AE in a year or two we need a REAL PF who could also play center when Das Big Man is out of the game. Brent Wilson will need a year or so to physically mature for that role.


If we are going after it all we need some POWER players unless the transfer is so good that we can't pass on him at any position.


Just one fans opinion.

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Patch...why do you constantly bold things...I think we get your point. Second, I dont know what you are fretting about...with a year to get his feet wet, Hughes should be fine. Wilson comes from a fine program (H.S. and AAU). Knotts and Wyatt will serve as fine 3rd and 4th power forwards.


You sound like a woman who just cant get enough.....take a moment to catch your breath. I am sure Coach is doing a fine job.

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I know he is...he knows his stuff...i was tying to make him get some levity. NO offense patch...but you need a good laugh! We will be just fine....and next year I will host all of you at my favorite Beantown Bar when we celebrate our NCAA bid!!!!

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Dane 96:


"You sound like a woman who just cant get enough.....take a moment to catch your breath. I am sure Coach is doing a fine job."


Dane 96 I'm not fretting at all, and you should watch your comments about women.


Your maturity is very questionable!!


If bold bothers you don't read my post.


I know the Staff is doing an excellent job.


I've also done my research and Coach Brown is a "Stone Cold" winner!!!


As an assistant at St. Rose they went to the Elite Eight multiple times and as a Head Coach at Sullivan County Community College he took over a program that was in disarray and took them to the Nationals multiple times including the Championship game once.


He hates losing and mediocracy.


He will recruit hard all the time and his goal is to get to the top of the AE and make it to the NCAAs. In his first year and a half he has been very patient, has recruited good student/athletes and I believe he will continue to do the same except now I feel like he realizes he is close to his goal and wants to put the final pieces of the puzzle together.


Once the team is at the top echelon of the AE he will work hard to keep it there, and he'll do it the right way with solid student athletes. Look at the type of kids he's brought into the program.

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Patch...seriously...take a freaking chill pill. Last I read I wasn't disparaging women. I was trying to make a point that you sound like a nagging woman...who just can't relax and wait until the finished product comes out. You are bitching about the need for a big man...which we all know we could use. You also indicate that a player who hasn't even suited up for his last year of h.s. (wilson) may not be ready for the big time his first year. ONE WORD---HADDIX. Not comparing the kid to him, just stating we dont know what we have until they get on the court. Worry about 03-04 and not 04-05; that is coach's job. As for your research skills...whoopy di do. If you lived in Albany for the past 10 years you wouldn't have to research St. Rose's success nor would you have to research whether Brown was a part of it. IT IS RATHER OBVIOUS. Your sanctimonious posts on what we do or do not need have gotten to the point of lunacy. I do respect you...as do others on the SIENA board...but your posts border on conclusory and not opinion. I am through talking about this...but what I do know is that all I was trying to say is..."LIGHTEN UP...and LET BROWN BREATHE IN THIS SEASON BEFORE ASKING HIM TO CATCH HIS BREATH FOR NEXT." The guy knows what he is doing. RELAX!

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