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Gazette's Steve Amedio

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In case you missed it Siena Tony has organized a chat with Gazette reporter Steve Amedio. He's invited people from this board to ask questions and Statefan did about Lucious Jordan. All the questions and answers are on the Siena forum near the top labeled Amedio Chat.

Here's Statefan's Q+A:


Two sets of questions:

1. Do you think Jim Coyne's plan to re-create the Patroons will be successful? If it is successful, what impact do you see it having on other local sporting events? Will it draw fans away from the River Rats or Siena basketball?


2. Can you identify what Section 2 high school players (including underclassmen) have a chance to play Division I basketball? Are any on the radar screen for either Siena or UAlbany?


And, as a UAlbany fan, may I ask one more?

3. What impact and role do you see Lucious Jordan having and playing for UAlbany this and next seasons?


Amedio's Reply


The situation with Jim Coyne and the Patroons is a little out of my area, although I'm interested.

From what I've heard about the Armory, though, it sounds like it will be a couple of years before that place is restored. Plus, they actually have to find a franchise that will locate here.

But, it was a success under those circumstances in the past. No reason to think there won't be an audience again, provided they're able to bring in the "name" coaches and players they had during their first run. However, considering the competition from other U.S. leagues that didn't exist back then, as well as the potential to make big money overseas compared to the CBA's low salaries, I don't know if we'll ever see teams/coaches like we had in Albany during the Patroons' prior existence.


2. I don't see too many local high school games because of the time I spend covering both the Siena men and women's games. From what I've heard, here are some of the better ones:

- Joe Bove, a 6-6 senior at CBA (potential Ivy League).

- Greg Holle (Gary's younger brother), a 6-5 sophomore at CBA who is extremely talented. Also, a terrific baseball player.

- Taylor Battle, a sophomore who attended CCHS last year. I'm not sure if he's still there or not.

- Bradley Sheehan, 6-10 junior at Shaker. I know Siena is interested. I'm not sure if bigger schools will get involved. Still a little early to tell.


I could probably name about 15-to-20 other players who are probably better suited to D-II, D-III levels. Maybe one or two of those will wind up at a mid-major or small D-I program.

Because I don't cover UAlbany, I don't know if the Danes have interest in any of these guys.


3) From what I know about Lucious Jordan, he should fit in well at UAlbany. He had two solid seasons at Loyola against opposition comperable, if not better, than what he'll see in the America East. I don't think he's going to be a 20-point scorer for UAlbany, but he'll start and be pretty good.

Between Jordan, Jamar Wilson and Iati, last year's freshman of the year in America East ... that's a very strong perimeter threesome.

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I was reading thetranscript of the Amedio "chat" on the Siena Board and read his introduction, which follows:


Before I start, let me interrupt for a "commercial announcement."

For you guys who live in the Alban/Schenectady region: In addition to a substantial "game preview" that appears in the Schenectady Gazette the day of every Siena game, and a game report the day following every game, I'm also given a considerable amount of space to report on Siena and college basketball in other days throughout the season.

Every Tuesday, our paper produces two full pages of college basketball, one devoted primarily to Siena, the other to UAlbany. My contribution is a lengthy "Siena Notebook" package. Bob Weiner does the same for UAlbany.

Then, on every Friday, I produce a lengthy "College basketball notes" package primarily devoted to local connections on the D-I level, whether they be players out of the area, coaches elsewhere, former players coaching ... almost anything is fair game as long as it has some sort of local tie.

Believe me, it's a major commitment on the part of our paper and takes a lot of work to put it together every week (not just by me or Bob). There has been some talk about discontinuing the Tuesday pages because it's so much work on the part of page designers/editors, etc., although I think we've weathered that storm for this year.

But, if you guys like that stuff, please don't hesitate to make your opinion known. When newspaper editors hear directly from the public, it makes a greater impact than anything I can say.

Our sports editor's name is Butch Walker. His e-mail is this:





I happen to agree that the Gazette's coverage of local college basketball, and specifically including coverage of UAlbany, is better than anyone else's. In fact, generally during hoop season, I make an extra effort to buy the Gazette on Tuesdays and Fridays. I would urge everyone to buy the Tuesday Gazette beginning in late November and if you agree that the coverage is superior, write the letters necessary to keep it supported.

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