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Major Letdown???

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One never knows what will happen when the scoreboard lights go on and there are fannies in the seats.


But I believe we should be more competitive then in the past and if we shoot the decently we will have an opportunity to win the game.


I am hoping for a "W" but if that doesn't happen and if Siena nails us between the running lights - "Kudos" to them.


We have 8 new players to fit into the mix, 3 are probable starters who sat out last season and it may take them some time to get comfortable on the court and with their teammates and everybody will have to accept new roles.


As far as I am concerned this is a work in progress and it may take a few games for Brown and his staff to figure out who to utilize and when.


Remeber there are some guys who are great practice players and don't show up when it's game time.


I will be disappointed if we don't play well against the Saints but I expect this team to be our best DI club by far and will stick with them.

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As a Siena fan, I expect a good competitive game. I still think Siena has too much talent for the Danes, buts its certainly not light-years better. The biggest difference is Haddix, I don’t know if Albany has anyone to guard him. Let me ask you Albany guys a question. In the past few seasons Brown has really packed it in against Siena, in an effort to rebound the ball and limit Haddix. What does he do this year? Does he continue to pack it in? Or does he give Haddix his 20 to 30 points… plays behind him and try to limit the other Saints? Or does he double down on Haddix and make Scoop, Tommy Mitchell, Tay Fisher David Ryan etc beat you from outside? My guess is that what he does, but it may backfire since Siena is a much better outside shooting team than they have been the last few years. Perhaps the best way is to double Haddix and make the other Saints prove they can hit the shot.. If the Saints outside shots are falling I think a lot of teams will have their hands full, since few guys in college basketball can handle Haddix down low one on one. how do you guys predict Brown plays his defense?

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Tony Great Points!!


Not knowing the starting lineup for UA is tough.


I gather that Kojo, Mitchell, Jordan and Brent will join Haddix.


I believe first off he will play straight up and I could only guess that Levi will get the assignment. This favors Siena. Of course Haddix will have to come out and play Levi at the 3 pt line. Next we will see early if Haddix will pass out of the double team effectively.


A big match up will be Brent and Zoellner which will get in foul trouble first and which will be most effective.


Wilson and Mitchell will be a serious match up. If Jamar shows he's not rusty he's a tough matchup for anyone, especially in the open court which could happen occasionally if the Saints are pressing continuously.


Jordan and Jordan is another excellent match up we know Antoine is a stat stuffer for the Saints and we are hoping Lucious is the same for the Danes.


Iati and Kojo will be interesting. Kojo is a far superior athlete than Iati but if Kojo is forced to help off of Iati that could spell big problems for the Saints. I hear Iati has been almost automatic from three in the preseason taking just open looks.


I expect it to be a competitive game one in which the Danes will have an opportunity to win.


If it doesn't go right it will be disappointing but we as you expect to get better as the season moves on.


Now how will your fans react if by some stretch of the imagination the Saints lose to the Danes. Will the come out and ask for Lanier's head or will they post how Lanier must coach the team to be successful?

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I think UA will make it competitive.


The difference will be that UA may not look to launch the three pointers as a first option. Jordan and Wilson can both create off the dribble - something that was totally absent last year. If they can create off the dribble and pass well, they will get open perimeter shots. Also, they need to get Zoellner, Brent Wilson and Dyson (assuming he gets minutes) some touches to keep the defense honest.


The other key will be making Haddix work on both ends of the court.


Lastly, I wouldn't be surprised to see UA press most of the game. Couldn't really press the last couple of years as they didn't make any baskets.


The press, with the athletic UA guards will be a test for the Siena backcourt.


Siena is the better team on paper, but anything can happen.

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