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Way to go (gulp)

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Congtatulations from a long time Siena fan. We can complain all we want regarding issues we think need correcting while on the court. But they change nothing regarding the outcome last nite. Albany came out possessing more desire, more hoops savy and best coached. Simply the better team now and for at least the short term.


Someone suggested Siena may fail to schedule UAlbany because of the loss. Kinda doubt it. The rivalry really started last evening. But jeez, still should have been a better attendance.


Good luck rest of the way and hope to catch a game or to while remaining loyal to green/Gold

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I am really impressed with the amount of Siena posters who have complimented Albany on their victory. The important part of a good rivalry is having respect for the other team. Prior to Tuesday, that is exactly what the Great Danes lacked from Siena. You can't take respect, you have to earn it. Mission accomplished. Let's get both programs back on track. I want Siena to recover from an 0-4 start (I am torn when I make that statment) so we can put 13,000 fannies back in the seats next year. Proper scheduling is a big ingredient in attendance. I say ditch having this game so early and have it sometime right after the Christmas holiday late in December. That way, by that point in the season, both teams can say they have found some identity one month into the campaign.


Off the topic, has anyone thought about the corporate sponsorship impact of the Albany victory over Siena???

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Thanks for your opinion, Albany Observer. You made many good points.


I will disagree only with your suggestion for a date for future games. You are correct with stating that this year's date was inappropriate, but late December would be just as bad. Either the students, for whom this game really should be played, will already be home for holiday break or involved in intensive study. Even at a party school, sometimes you have to do some work (just kidding).

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To simply sum it up, the UAlbany students don't take an interest in hoop until late January when they come back from winter break. Way too late for a non-conference game. So whether it be Nov. 23, Dec. 10 (finals), Dec. 22, Dec. 29 or anytime in early January, it is bad timing. Yes, the early season game gets you excited for college hoops, but I would rather see two heavyweights fight when they are about to peak, not when they are still learning plays and feeling out player rotations.

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I agree with you that the lower total attendance cannot be attributed to the lack of students. Especially in the holiday season, many people do not have the leisure time to attend multiple basketball games in one week. I believe another reason for the lower attendance this year is due to the Siena-Syracuse game. Many people had probably already committed to the higher-profile rivalry than the Albany-Siena game.


I do strongly believe, however, that a boost in overall attendance will occur only when the time is convenient for students to attend. The Albany-Siena game should be scheduled preferably on a weekend when no other major commitments (final exams) are scheduled.


On another issue, now that UAlbany has reached parity with Siena in men's basketball, we should insist that some games now be considered our home games. We should be entitled to the better seats in the arena for a change.


Wish my wife and me luck as we head out in a few minutes to attend the Wagner game. The last time we saw Mike Deane was in the Potsdam game of the early 1970's. He was not too happy at the end of the game when he was forced to sit the bench because of a 5th foul.

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I couldnt agree more. What kind of series between two teams has one team with all the home games. Not only were the UA fans put in the upper deck, but stuck in the corner when the majority of the upper deck was mostly empty. $iena season ticket holders can sit in 205 next year! We got a W now, lower level next!

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