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Free Throws, Rebounds, Fouls

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Although it sounded (I listened to the game on the radio) as if the refs were a bit touchy on the foul calls against Albany, I think Coach Brown is going to have a fun week of practice with these guys on free throws (13-22, I think), and rebounds (didn't hear the final number but it sounded like we got blown out on the boards after Levi's 2 T). At least Locious had another great game and it sounded as if Jamar had some pretty lay-ups. Nice opening second half run again by Albany, 4th game in a row for that.

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1. Zoellner needs to get more touches. Apparently he had foul trouble in the first half, but he didn't seem to get the ball much at all in the second half - the perimeter players will have more open shots as teams double down on Zoellner. Does Albany have to play more zone to protect him? His last 2 games have been eerily similar to Billings games


2. Levi cannot get two technicals. The first resulted in a 4 point play. I think the second was when the lead was reduced to 4 points. He had gotten a couple of key rebounds and some easy buckets.


3. Jamar appears to be driving to the basket well but getting some fouls called against him or not converting. He also appears to be dribbling a lot - doing too much?


4. Jordan is playing great - he needs to convert more of his free throws. I think he and Jamar can get to the basket and dish the ball or get a lay up.


5. Brent Wilson appears to be playing well. Only question is if Zoellner is having fould trouble, does Brent's role change from 3 point shooter to post player - someone besides Levi has to get rebounds.


6. Dyson - got in the game, scored a bucket and got a rebound. Sounded like he played well.


The last two games have pointed out a weakness - rebounding especially with Zoellner having foul trouble.


I suggest they play more 2-3 zone and make the other teams beat them with 3's - protect the big man and own the glass. If that doesn't fly, they need to reconsider the roles - Brent (or Dyson) will need to play more in the paint - they cannot get outrebounded like this. If they get rebounds, the offense will take care of itself.


The good news is that they have some time to figure this out.

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The Troy Record and Times Union stories differ on Levi's first technical. The second was because he threw the ball back to the official too hard. I imagine after you get your first they are looking for a reason to give you your second and they found it.


The thing that concerns me about the technicals, that's 3 in four games although the one in the $iena game was ridiculous. There are only a limited number of refs in the area and you worry about Levi getting a reputation with them.


While I'm dissapointed with this loss Lehigh was an NCAA tourney team last year and they returned four starters. They've also won 16 straight games at home so I don't think this is as bad a loss as it would have been a terrific win.


It's hard to say without seeing the game but Lehigh was very productive in the half court and the Danes in the half court seemed like 5 guys who haven't played together before this season. That should change the longer the season goes on.


At this point of the season the frontcourt rotation seems a bit forced and no one can find a rhythm. I'm not sure what he was doing defensively but Dyson made what sounded like a nice move, made the basket and was fouled and then was taken out of the game. I guess the reason not many teams play an 11 man rotation is because it's tough to find balance and it sounded like it last night.

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I am disappointed too with a 2-2 record (for once it is nice to be disappointed while at the .500 mark after 5-23), we could very easily be 4-0 with some decent foul shooting.


At Wagner, Levine was 1- 5 and Iati 0-1, with Iati missing the front end of 1&1 while we were up 1 with 9 seconds to go. Both shot 76% last season.


Jamar also missed a big front end of a 1&1 and he was and 81% FT shooter in his first season. It's also hard to believe that a guy goes to the line 14 times against Siena and 8 times against Lehigh only took that 1 free throw against Wagner.


At Lehigh Jordan shoots 6-11 he came in shooting a shade below 80%. Jamar shot 5 for 8. They combined to shoot about 57%.


Remember the game was a 3 pt contest with around 2 minutes to go. If we had made our normal percentage of free throws along the way we would of had a lead instead of trailing and fouling to get to the final spread.


I hate to say it we got TERRIBLE officiating, especially in the first half which put most of our starting team was on the bench and gave them the opportunity to open the big lead.


No matter what Levi has to learn to keep himself more under control.

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2-2 isnt bad, I think 3-1 would be much better. Lehigh was a tough loss, but a NCAA team, predicted to win the Patriot and like 13 wins in a row at home. A win there would have really been a high point, but you cant say Lehigh winning is an upset. The Wagner game is the game that hurt. That one should have been won. On the plus side last night, good to see Dyson get some time and Jordan continues to be very strong.

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I agree that this loss against Lehigh wasn't as heart breaking as a win against them would have been a nice upset, but I find it interesting justifying Lehigh's win by their NCAA Tournament status last year.


Although I wasn't at the UAlbany vs. Lehigh game last year (as I was home for winter break) and therefore don't know too much about the specifics, I do see that we actually beat them in overtime by a decent amount (63-55).


So we beat a team last year that made it into the big dance with a our own much lower quality and much more depleated team.


It just shows how important those free throws, the poor rebounding, and the costly fouls all were.

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No excuses we have blown 2 winnable games. But.....


You must also realize there is a big difference on the road. So far in DI 80%+ of the home teamshave won.


Zoellner basically didn't play the first half, Levi was sitting with 3 fouls(2+ T) and Lucious was out with 2 fouls.


Jamar was out of sync and Iati wasn't shooting well and was ineffective in the first half.


We started to put it together and Levi snuffed it out.


On top of that we shot terribly from the FT Line (13-22) and were were down 2 with 2+ minutes to go.


We never should have been in the game with the way we played.


It's a set back that we will have to correct.

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UA has to get to the point where they can win especially against teams like Lehigh and Wagner. Lehigh, while an NCAA team lost at the RACC last year. Clearly they need to learn how to win. Certainly UA has more talent than last year, but they have to rebound and make free throws.


When Zoellner is on the bench, they have a small lineup (assuming Dyson's role isn't expanded) - while Brent Wilson is 6'8" he seems to play a lot on the perimeter. If the three point shots aren't falling, rebounding is going to hurt. Let's see how Brown adjusts to this.


I also think there is a transition in floor leadership - not necessarily in terms of pure basketball skills. This appears to be Jordan's team. That was clear in the Siena game and Jordan took many of the key shots in the Wagner and Lehigh games. This may not be a big deal, but it's clearly happening and the team must adjust to it.


Jamar is clearly going through a transition as well. He appears to be much more of a point guard - the good news is that he is getting assists, penetrating... The bad news is that he hasn't played the point much at UA - I remember the LIU game two years ago when he did a lot of the ball handling and struggled a bit. He needs to minimize the turnovers and make good decisions. He definitely appears to be passing more - he will need a few more games to get into the groove.


Expectations were reset after the Siena game - not just for the fans, but I believe the players and coaches as well. Brown needs to manage through these transitions. I also think he needs to figure out how to manage the lineup so that they are "bigger".


They have a lot of talent, they need time to gel, figure out the rotation...

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It's really funny...


If we had escaped Wagner with a win we would be 3-1 and happy.


Even though the problems would still be their.


Rebounding has hurt us the last 2 games but remember our first 2 games we were strong on the glass. So it's a new problem. We outrebounded SH by 9 and Siena by 4.


Foul Shooting and Rebounding can be addressed.


As fpr floor leadership everyone is still trying to find their "niche", right now their are more chiefs than Indians. That has a natural way of taking care of itself plus Coach Brown has to let it be known to the players what everyones role is.

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