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Coach Brown

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Does anyone think Coach Brown's comments after losses are too harsh or negative? Examples being statements such as "embarrassing loss or should be 6 and 0". Yes, I agree being undefeated at this point could have been possible as also guilty of having too much expectations but putting it all together will take some time & lumps. Hopefully we will have a solid season but Brown seems to be coming down heavy on this team so far. Maybe also the comment made by Brown at the time with Gallop as said "not as big a loss that all may think" leaves a tainted impression in my mind.

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We should be 3-0 and even the players know that. Check the comments of Jamar and even Lucious this Sunday in an article in the record stated we should be 6-0 and we're struggling at this time.


The Gallop comments came at a bad time and Brown was a true rookie and probably should nothave said them. But I thinkBrown felt there was someoneelse in Gallop's ear and pushing himtodo what he did - QUIT. Then the kid wanted tocomebackandto Brown's credithewas willing to have himandat thelast second with others in his ear the kid bailed again. IMHO - not exactly the type of kid you want to go to war with.


Overall I think he has done a tremendous job not rebuilding but building a DI program from scratch.


It's hard to turn a losing program around, Brown is right on the cusp and want to win now. In reality we should be 5-1 or even 6-0.

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I've been surprised at times by a few things Brown has said. I think before the Wagner game he said he expected this team to match last years win total after the fifth game. Meaning, they would go 5-0.


I was concerned before the season started that we might have too high of expectations but I'm glad Brown and Jordan (in the Record) expect even more from themselves. They need to learn how to win and have a tough stretch of road games ahead of them.


I didn't read that much into Brown's statements about Gallup. His first two years here were filled guys leaving and getting hurt. Brown's comments generally were "we'll be fine" or whatever after the latest terrible news.

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I believe Brown has every right to be embarrassed at their current record. The team should be at least 5-1 - they certainly have the talent to be undefeated thus far. The coach and the players know this and, frankly, should not be satisfied with their inconsistent performances. The mark of a winning program is one that demands 100% from every player at every opportunity.


The next three games will tell us what we're really made of. Hartford just beat Long Island by 16 points. Yes, Villanova and Syracuse are formidable opponents, but can we be competitive? Brown must demand excellence from his team to create a winning attitude. Expecting anything less would promote mediocrity. We've had more than our share of mediocre teams in the past.

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Does anyone think Coach Brown's comments after losses are too harsh or negative? Examples being statements such as "embarrassing loss or should be 6 and 0". AF


After suffering 57 losses at UA that's the knock on him,?????


I think he's done pretty well to keep his mouth shut. Evidently over his tenure at UA his guys have competed very hard - even knowing that they were often over matched and very shorthanded.


After suffering through 19-57 at UA it's amazing his passion burns as bright as it does. Evidently Brown EXPECTS success out of himself and his team. Remember at St. Rose and Sullivan he was involved in 178 wins and 23 losses. I think he might be tired of losing.


I am actually surprised he hasn't gone ballistic in the past.


I don't believe he has berated individuals regardless of the mistakes they might have made.


Just my opinion - I think it's great we're 3-3 and the Coach is not happy with the progress THIS team has made, so far.


How about.......


Jamar out a game

Levi out 2 games

Lillis out atleast a month

Dyson missing 3 weeks

"Q" missing a couple of weeks

B. Wilson out a week with a foot injury


You never hear Brown say much about injuries or missing personnell.

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True this team has the talent to be at least 5-1 at this point in the season, possibly 6-0. Coach Brown, the players, and the fans all know it. I don't think Coach Brown's comments have been completey directed at that fact.


What Brown has consistantly said is that this team needs to learn how to win. They need to understand what it is to be a winning team. They need to know what it takes to hold on to a lead in order to ensure victory when the clock reads zero.


The players certainly know how to win individually as they are all great players and have been on many winning high school teams. But they need to learn and experience how to win as the team that they are now.


I think Jamar's comments after the LIU loss can be included. The players last year were used to constantly giving 110% each and every minute of every game. They had to because there was no one on the bench to come in behind them. They were constantly playing behind and therefore knew what it was to lose while being tough and energetic players.


This year's team has a lot more talent and a lot more depth. The players are learning how to get used to both of those new facts while winning. They are learning how to keep their energy at 100% while knowing that they have many talented players behind them. They must know that they have the players on the bench to come in if they are having an off day, not simply so that they don't have to play with full energy.


I think Coach Brown's comments were right on and will help the team come the all important upcoming conference schedule.

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