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From the Nova Board...

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Just thought I'd share some of the highlights from the Nova board. If nothing else they know who Lucious Jordan is now.




anybody see the game? why the terrible defense?





It was more a case of excellent shooting than terrible defense. Albany is one of the top 3-pt shooting teams in the nation and showed why. Don't jump to conclusions based upon a point total.





absolutely - Albany is the #2 3-point shooting team in the NATION and Lucious Jordan is ranked #6 in that category individually.

Let's look at the bright side - we beat the best three-point shooting team we'll see all year (most likely) by 14 points.




Albany is a low-level D-1 school you can't be happy with a 14 point win against them I don't care how good of a 3-point shooting team they are. Nova should be 20-25 points better than them





Give Albany some credit. Everytime it appeared we would pull away and get a 14 to 16 point lead, they would hit a couple of threes and narrow the margin. I thought overall we played okay but still no inside game. 72 points from Ray, Foye and Sumpter and most of those on the perimeter. Without some semblance of an interior game, we will struggle all season.




According to PhillyNews the Cats stunk up the place defensively. They showed little enthusiasm and hustle and acted as if all they had to do was show up. Hopefully this won't be the case in BE wars or "fuggeddaboutit". When your three big men(Fraser, Austin and Sheridan) take 4 shots the whole game, you better hope your 3's are hitting. How the hell are they gonna win with this agenda?





We are not going to win anything worth talking about without an inside game. We need to keep giving Sheridan and Austin as many minutes as possible, pound it inside when possible, and hope Fraser gets really healthy for this to happen. Charles is a nice guy but 10 minutes 0 boards and 3 fouls against Albany basically indicates his ability to contribute in BE games.


Which leads to my favorite...



We should have held Albany to 40 pts and beaten them by 30... Reply


I will never understand statements like these...

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!! WE WON THE DAMN GAME FOR KRIST SAKE!! YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME WANT TO VOMIT. What is the big deal if we gave up 70 pts. Many many college teams average over 70 pts a game, including what we would consider cupcake teams. To say we should hold a team to a certain amount of pts, or we should win by a certain amount of pts and then say we are in trouble bc we didn't win by that margin is so foolish, especially if we ended up winning the game!

I was at the Monmouth game a couple weeks back. At the 1st half buzzer we were up seven, and this moron sitting behind me said, "I can't believe we are only up 7 at half time to freakin Monmouth, we suck." I wanted to turn around and knock him upside his head. By that same logic, Syracuse (a top 10 team nationally) must suck also, because they were only ahead 1 pt at halftime against Cornell.

Most of you people KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about these schools that play in the non-major conferences. MONMOUTH was a NCAA tournament team last year. We weren't. You see a school like Monmouth, Albany, Winthrop, Santa Clara, Wichita St, Yale, St. Francis (NY), etc, etc, on our schedule and ASSUME it should be a 20-30 pt win. THAT IS JUST PLAIN DUMB!

College Basketball is such a crazy game, and that's what makes it so great. How many points should UNC have beaten Santa Clara by? Well, Santa Clara won that game easily. Wichita St. and Winthrop both won on the road at Providence. Yale took BC to double overtime. St Francis (NY) lost to Seton Hall by 1 pt. I could go on and on with examples like this.

My main point is, do some research on these smaller schools before you make ridiculous comments saying we shoulda won by this, and our defense sucked because we let them score a certain amount of points. Albany's roster is filled with sharpshooters, guys that live on draining the 3 ball. Alot of their 3's last night according to the radio broadcast "rattled in."

"Albany is a low-level D-1 school you can't be happy with a 14 point win against them I don't care how good of a 3-point shooting team they are. Nova should be 20-25 points better than them."

-this is just another mind-boggling comment. We can't be happy with a 14 pt win over them?!?! I DON'T BELIEVE WHAT I AM READING. Ok, shooter. So, because we didn't win by 20-25 pts we shouldn't be happy with our 14 pt victory. Let me use Syracuse as an example again, because they are a consensus Big East favorite and top 10 team nationally. How much should Syracuse have beaten Colgate and Cornell by?!?!? 30!? 40!? 50 even!? Well guess what, they beat both of those teams by only 13 pts. Does this mean Syracuse is in trouble?> Does this mean they are doomed for the rest of the season?! I don't THINK SO. Do you care to take back your ridiculous comment now, shooter?

-if you want to say we are in trouble because we have a lacking inside game, or because we lack depth or whatever that's fine. But please stop saying that we will be in trouble or we suck or whatever it is you people think because of the result of one game that we "shoulda won by 25," but instead won by 14.

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Dane Pound,


Keep those images of sugar plum fairies coming! Let's hope the rest of the season continues the improvement.


I just want to thank you for sponsoring this board. You just posted three bits of info that keep us very well informed on UAlbany ball. Each bit of info was really helpful to understand how this team is operating this year.


Have a great holiday, and please keep up the great work in the future!

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