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Zoellner's Double-Double

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Great to see that kind of production out of him. Granted it was against Dartmouth but still a good sign.


Seemed like early in the game he was willing to catch the ball too far from the hoop and take a short jumper. Don't know if it was after a timeout or not but there was a stretch in the second half when it looked like he knew he was going to get the ball and worked very hard to get good position. Brent Wilson made some nice passes to him and he either got a layup or fouled. It'd be great to see more of that out of him.


Nice balance with the perimiter scorers. Obviously Albany was the better team but I can't recall many shots that looked forced or bad decisions. Watching the game I knew Levi was having a great shooting night but I was surprised to see Jordan had 22. I guess that's why he's the "silent assassin."

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Great to see our top 3 scorers combine for 14 assists it shows they are not only looking to shoot.


I feel Brent Wilson is going to develop into a very good AE player.


I'm also intrigued by what Brian Lillis can bring to the table, I liked what I saw from him early before his wrist injury. He's alot more athletic then most of us realize.

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At about half way into the second half, it seemed pretty clear that Brown called for the ball to go in to Zoellner and for him to go hard to the hoop. I was surprised that didn't happen as much earlier. Most of the time Zoellner passed back to the perimeter. The few times he went to the hoop early in the game, the ball either rolled off the rim or he had the ball stripped. Darmouth was pretty agressive defensively whenever Zoellner got the ball. Once he consistently took it strong to the hoop, he was much more effective. When he is timid, he's not very effective.

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Totally agree about Zoellner - when he's aggressive, he's tough to handle. There were stretches of time when he looked like he was in a trance - almost docile. Really like the fact that he's shooting well from the foul line (4 - 4 last night). If he plays the monster under the basket, dunks his shots, controls the boards, and makes his foul shots, we'll have a legitimate force under the basket. He has shown us that he can do it - needs to stay focused and angry.


And speaking of legitimate forces, how about my man Levi Levine. He did a fantastic job against Syracuse and follows with a formidable game agin the green. (8 for 11 from the field and 5 - 5 from the line).


Lucious is amazing. How does he do it? One play later in the game, drove to the hole, got buried under the basket by a throng of Dartmouth players, and emerged out of NOWHERE to score.


Hope Jamar is not hurt too bad. Really worried our group when he went down. His ability to drive the lane and make something out of nothing is phenomenal. His circus shots alone are worth the price of admission.


Can't wait to see Lillis again - adds a whole new dimension to this team. Like Brent W., plays all out - always hustles, looks for the open man, and bangs the boards. He and Brent impressed us from game 1 at Sacred Heart. If this kid Connelly from Jersey is anything like these kids, UAlbany's bball future is bright indeed.


Bring on BU - this should be a great game!

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I liked Lillis from the first time I saw him in the intra-squad game. I commented on this board about his great leaping ability and his court vision at that time. I can't wait till he gets back on the court. You're right Harrier, he is going to be a great asset to this team for the next four years.

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