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  1. Not sure I would put Bob Adams in that category. I've seen him ref many UA games over many,many years and he has been quite fair for the most part. However, I would move Laubenstein into a tie for #1 with Hughes. They are by far the worst I have seen at any level, even far worse than any ref for the youth leagues I coached in.
  2. Jimbo, I was at that game and remember it pretty much as you recalled. I believe we were not favored as Alfred was an established program with a good track record. I think that may also have been the game where torrential rains began to fall after we had that 7-6 lead. Neither team could do much after that but we (fans) held our collective breaths until the final whistle.
  3. "Albany is currently FIFTH in the country in average attendance...." Hmmm, shouldn't all of our lacrosse games against LLC be at Fallon Field since our ave. attendance is 2,446 and theirs is only 479. Besides, their arena only holds 1000.....can't fit in all the fans that would want to attend. I think we've heard this argument before but in a different context. Sorry, couldn't pass up the opportunity for a little sarcasm.
  4. Better have a hanky or tissue at hand when you read Peter's article in the Post. If that doesn't move you, nothing will. What a passionate, articulate, and caring human being! They don't come any better.
  5. It's probably a crime scene. Click, where were you between the hours of 5 and 7 a.m. this morning?
  6. Their real news team does a good job, as does their weather man.
  7. "like the TU clearly is with Siena" and not to mention Dougie Sherman of Channel 6 News who has at least one Siena story every night, ranging from which player has an ingrown toenail to who lost their hair gel.
  8. Couldn't agree with you more danefan. I've been watching UA football since its inception and can't recall a more disappointing team than this one. Besides a horrendous season, I worry about the impact such a record may have on future recruiting. It is painful to watch this team.
  9. It's been a long time since I last added anything to this Forum. Didn't have much to say, but I was starting to get very annoyed with this discussion about name change. I was about to write when Dane Pound posted his comment. He expressed my sentiments exactly. It's not the name that makes one's reputation, it's what you do on the playing fields, courts and tracks. UAlbany is doing pretty well in that department considering the relatively short time they have been in D1. I like the name UAlbany Great Danes. Keep it! And for those who think people don't know where Albany is I'll relate this brief story. I was on the tiny Pacific island of Guam a few years ago visiting my son who was in the Navy. One evening we went to the local farmer's market; I was wearing my UAlbany t-shirt - no mention of New York on it. I stopped at one of the vendors, a native Chimorran. He glanced at my t-shirt and asked, "You're from New York?"
  10. Is Megan Craig injured or just riding the bench?
  11. I think he is just trying to do too much instead of letting the game come to him. It's a cliche but it seems appropriate in Tim's case.
  12. How much more proof do you really need. You know the type of student that gets into that school. As far as I know it has been the same type of student over the last 100 years. So what type of fan base would you expect out of alumni and some people who wanted to go there and couldn't get accepted. "...some people who wanted to go there and couldn't get accepted." You lost me there, Bob. Things must have changed. At one time the only admission standards were: the body had to be warm and the wallet full.
  13. I concur with that sentiment. I don't object to anyone expressing an opinion but Doggy sounds like a broken record. It's the same comment repeated over and over and over and over. Frankly, that act has gone beyond tedium. You've got something to say, then say it and move on. As the old saying goes: "Crap and then get off the pot."
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