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Some Questions about the New President


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Before you read on, I was going to change the name of this topic because these aren't really "questions" per se, just pointing some things out for people who don't know much about the new University President. But, alas, you can't change a topic title so there ya go.




1.) He's been at a lot of schools. I don't know when he started teaching, exactly, becuase I couldn't find that information, but he's worked administratively at at least five schools. He was at Utah State "only" four years.


So, how long will he be around? Are we another stepping stone? He was a finalist for the Tennessee presidency (more on that later).


Hall has been president and professor of history of Utah State University since 2000 and previously served as the provost and vice president for academic affairs and professor of history at North Carolina State University. At Ohio State University, Hall was executive dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and professor of law and history. He also held important academic and administrative positions at the University of Tulsa and the University of Florida.


2.) An article I found online unfortunately makes him seem like he'll fit right in at UAlbany: http://www.utahstatesman.com/news/2003/01/...ll-352535.shtml



"I've never met him in person," senior Bultu Hirpa said. "But I disagree with his tuition increases. I don't see any new professor in my department, so I can't see the benefits of raising tuition. They [the administration] should talk to students more. We're not psychic. We don't know what they're thinking."


Hirpa says she's frustrated that the administration seems to ignore the student voice.


"Even though they claim to listen to students, all they seem to be saying is, 'give us your money.' Making statements in the newspaper doesn't always work," she said. "They don't even meet with students often. We meet once a year, and that's typically to discuss yet another tuition increase."


3.) He hired their football coach in December, and he had some nice quotes in that story. Makes him seem involved, even if it was actually minimal (who knows?): http://utahstateaggies.collegesports.com/s.../121004aad.html



"When I sent our athletics director (Randy Spetman) out to find a (football coach) for us I gave him the following instructions. First, I asked him to fly low and slow and to make sure that we did this in a way that it would bring great repute to the University. That it would produce a coach that would possess strength of character, an ability to bring discipline, and a talent for exercising leadership. An understanding that the football program is, in the end, an integral part of the life of Cache Valley. And I will tell you without reservation an integral part of its future. The valley is growing and the interests of the valley are growing beyond Logan, across the Wellsville's, and into the Salt Lake Valley. We needed an ambassador. We needed someone who could convey the enthusiasm and interest of Utah State through its football program..."


4.) He didn't get the Tennessee job because, in his words, "an anonymous letter writer attempted to smear his name to the committee." Sounded sort of odd but worth mentioning.


5.) The release says that he plans to continue to teach at UAlbany. Something that should be very interesting ... could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you view that, and probably will be both to different people.


6.) On his watch:

To ensure that facilities measure up to this level of competition, the Athletics Department is renovating and expanding 35-year-old Romney Stadium. During phase one of the $27-million project, a new synthetic playing surface was installed inside the stadium, making it possible to hold a variety of university and community events in any kind of weather.


Phase two begins in fall 2004 with a major renovation to the east side of the stadium that includes a food court, more restrooms and concessions, and sky boxes for corporate and family entertainment.


When phase three is complete, the north end of the stadium will be enclosed by a two-story, 55,000-square-foot complex that houses training rooms and coaches’ offices.



Sincerely, Your Resident Researcher

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im a big follower of the University of Tennessee. Im a big Vols fan etc...Let me tell you, when it comes to that University, if the President isnt fully committeed to the athletic program, then they are screwed. Thats life at that University. If he wanted to change the athletic department in anyway, he had no chance. I dont know all the details, but thats what i can tell you.


he is a old history professor. Being a History major, maybe i can get into one of his classes or something.

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