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Hoops wishlist for 03-04

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The upcoming couple of weeks are generally when I receive the heaviest amount of flak from the $iena fans in my office-tournament time generally being the other heaviest time. Last year I heard about how we should be 30-40 point underdogs in the Albany-$iena game and that we provided a nice "scrimmage" opponent. In the spring when $iena was in the NIT I was invited to the Pepsi Arena so I could "at least see what tournament play looks like." Pretty good stuff no doubt about it. In fairness there are some pretty decent Siena fans especially on their board and I get the feeling the most obnoxious ones are those who just jumped on the Saints bandwagon when they started winning regularly. Just had to get that off my chest.

Anyway, on the eve of a new season here's my wishlist:

1-Beat Siena!

2-Double digit wins. About 25 would be nice but I'd be happy with a dozen.

3-We are 0-6 since joining the America East against Binghamton, BU and Maine. We have to take at least one of those teams off that list this year.

4-Win a conference tourney game. Actually I'd be happy if any of the New York schools won a tourny game but I'd prefer it be us.

5-Sellout the RACC for the Big Purple Growl.

6-Witness a Janis Pipikis dunk.

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Patch's wish list


1. The Danes get healthy for the entire season, including Wyatt.

2. Wilson, Levine and Iati all play well at the same time in atleast 1/2 our AE games.

3. Knotts is better than I've given him credit for.

4. Double digit wins.

5. Drive Siena nuts this year then the next few years we have ourselves a bonafide rivalry.

6. Sometime in the next three years Wilson and Levine get to play in an AE Championship Game, an NCAA game or a NIT game. They are the cornerstones of the program.

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Downtowns Wish List



Bring back the "Pound"!! Who could ever forget witnessing a visiting player become so enraged by their antics that he spit on one of them.............and who could forget that loyal fans response........."Hey, if taking a hacker for the team is what it takes, then bring it on" ( not exactly his response but something to that effect). The "Pound" struggled and fought to get fans to support the program,albeit with limited success, which was not the result of their lack of trying..........I would love to see that enthusiasm return tenfold. And their website, though offensive to some and laced with obscenities and Siena bashin'.......was hilarious at times!


Bring in a new, progressive President who has a vision and a plan for the future and one who is relying heavily on the success of the athletic department to aid him/her in his/her quest.....and is willing to make a total commitment in that regard.



Bring in a new gym floor to replace the current one. It sounds as if the current floor could be detrimental to the physical well being of our athletes. If this is true it could also be used as a negative recruiting tool when other institiuitions are courting the same recruits as us ( I know this NEVER occurs).

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