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Gazette, 2/8

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Z ices his knees after every practice and game, preventative.


Brown: "Space eaters don't show up in the box score"


Best Brown quote: "he's getting tired of all the other players beating him up. He's beginning to understand how he can use his elbows and shove back a little, all within the rules. He understands that he has to become more aggressive and establish himself."


He insists he feels just like any other student.


Levi now needs 31 points for 1,000.

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I think Brown also mentioned that he'll be one of the best centers in the conference next year. I am not sure that there are many returning centers in the conference. Sturgill, Cori Spencer, Billings, Adediran, Flavin all graduate.


Let's hope K-Zo has a good game against Bing tomorrow. I don't want Billings to have his breakout game against UA.

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I'm making posters for the upcoming games and my gf wants a "We love you Kirsten" sign so I found some translations online..if any of you know any German, please correct the following...


We love you Kirsten! = Wir lieben Sie Kirsten!

You can't stop Zo! = Sie konnen nicht Zo stoppen!


It's agood to hear about a positive article about Zo (the Zo chants seem to be going pretty well). He really has seemed to pick up the agressiveness lately. Hopefully it peaks during the tourney.

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There are probably some better translations for what you have proposed.


I would exchange the "Sie" in the first version to "dich." It sounds less formal. Your line would then read:


"Wir lieben dich, Kirsten!"


I would really change the second version around quite a bit. My version would read something more like:


"Man kann Zo nicht zurückhalten."


Literally, that says, "One cannot hold Z. back." Since you don't have anyone personal in mind for keeping him away from the basket, it's better to use the impersonl "man" in place of "Sie." I am quite sure there are superior ways of rendering each of your two suggestions.


Whatever you choose, I am sure Z. will appreciate your efforts, and he should be able to understand your original translations. Best of luck.


Before you made your translation proposals, I was glad to read this morning about what Kirsten's friends at UAlbany call him. I am just very happy to hear that he seems to have made some good friends and feels comfortable at the school. It is not always easy for someone outside the country to adjust. Great job!

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BTW, I forgot to add this comment about the u-umlaut (two dots over the "u"). When typing, you can reproduce the character often by holding down the alt-key at the same time you press the 1, then 2, then 9 keys on the numeric keypad. I don't think the numbers above the regular alphabetic keys will work. Good luck!

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