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Brennan on Mike and the Mad Dog

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While I didn't hear the show UVM coach Tom Brennan was on Mike and the Mad Dog the other day. Apparently Brennan was asked who he thought would win the AE next year and he said Albany. M+MD were familiar with us from Giant Camp. Nice to see he doesn't hold a grudge and hopefuly if he is on ESPN next year as an anaylist he remembers us then.

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I'm glad experts like Brennan and Everhard predict a glowing season for UAlbany next year. I wish I could share their enthusiasm. And I don't like being in the position of lead dog right now on the Idiotrod (pun intended).


The game against Binghamton brought reality back to me. We were lucky to win the home game against them, and Bing dominated the second game almost to the point of shame. I know we can say that Albany had a down night, particularly after the emotional Saturday night game, but we cannot have those off nights when we are seeking to stay on top of the league. Everybody will be after us.


Personally, I think Binghamton will win the league next year. They are losing players who have been on the margins of the team this year. Their freshmen are outstanding, and now they have adjusted to the type of physical play that Walker wants. How I hate to lose to this team, and particularly to that coach.


UAlbany will be a very known quantity next year. Every coach will know how to play us. While I can say that Iati's return will definitely help us by restoring the options his play gives us, I am not sure that he will make that much difference. (BTW, if he's reading this, I miss his play very much. Good luck on your rehab!) I know we are getting super players from IL and NJ next year, but will they be effective at the beginning of the season?


Let's hope we can get our bearings and confidence back for Maine. We really need this win. I think we will do it convincingly.

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The talk of being a preseason favorite next year makes me unconfortable too. Perhaps it's what Daneman would call "loseritis" from the last few years. I don't think it's unfounded though, this team should be really tough next year.


In watching the top teams this years there is something to be said for guys playing together for an extended period of time and learning a coaches system. Vermont (C-rath, Sorrentine, Hehn, etc), Northeastern (Barea, Barnes, Kelly, Davis) and BU (Carr, Bell, Gardner, etc) have all played together for two or more years under the same coaches system. Freshman can come in and fall into one role while everyone around them has a very good grasp on what the coach is trying to do.


Albany is much different. They are playing a totally different style from last year with all new pieces. They should be a much more confident, complete team next year.


While I'm dissapointing with the Bing loss I'm not going to jump off any bridges over it. For the last few years Bing has had a huge advantage in front court depth over UA which they have done a great job exploiting. They can clutch, grab and be physical and not care if guys get called for fouls because they can bring someone just as big in off the bench. For Albany once Zoellner goes out were are really undersized, Q is a terrific athlete but Bing can just manhandle him. It's not a great matchup for us this year but they lose alot of beef next year (Billing, Heredian)

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