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Outrebounded 30-12 in the 2nd half where were Wyatt, "Q" and Knotts?


I know Siena's front line is huge but Levi scrapped for 10 Boards and Martin as a freshman fought for 9.


The 3 afore mentioned combined for 2 defensive boards in 80 minutes. We need and really should expect a little more help and effort from them.

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I thought everyone really attacked the glass in the first half and kind of gave up on it in the second half. I was hoping we could get a little more scoring out of Knotts. I can only think of maybe two games where Knotts was agressive going to the hoop and looking for his shot and this game wasn't one of them. Wyatt and Q are two guys who fill very different roles and I'm sure they'll both do well at them at times during the year. They just had alot more asked of them Friday than can be expected. Basically a six man rotation against a ten man rotation and most of those ten guys were alot bigger.

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No matter what the cause Wyatt, "Q" and Knotts have to do alot better than a combined 2 Defensive rebounds in 80 minutes of playing time.


Wyatt in my opinion while physical in appearance plays soft and knuckles under when the going gets tough.


Knotts just hasn't got it done, hopefully he'll start realizing his potential and use his 250lbs of bulk to get some rebounds and maybe he'll find a way to make a shot or two.


"Q" - it was his first DI game so I'm cutting him some slack but he has to assert himself on the glass and start getting to the offensive boards and leave the jump shooting to someone else.


Pipikis plays 1 minute and gets cut around the eye and can't return - I shouldn't say this but it seems he went to the Chris Wyatt "School of Toughness" you can tell they were recruited by the same guy (Beeten).


Pip will be gone at the end of this year and Wyatt, Knotts and "Q" better prove themselves this year because they may "NEVER" see the court next year with Zoellner, Dyson and B. Wilson in the wings.

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I reiterate.....I would hate to be Coach Brown and have to rely on Wyatt! He will show you occassionalflashes of his talent .......and there in lies the problem. You never know when he feels like coming to play. After limited playing time due to "injury" most of last year, and with the new front court players signed for next year, you would think that he would use this year to make a statement and establish himself as a player who can be included in Coach Browns for next year. I predict he collect splinters next year and finishes up his career as a player that never realized his potential.


Wyatt, "Q" and Knotts=2 defensive rebounds in 80 minutes??!! Use all the excuses you want....outsized, wore down, etc. that is disgraceful. You are playing your cross town rivals in front of 12,000 local fans and that is the performance you turn in? I bet Iati had more defensive rebounds!


Jamal Hughes where are you??????

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