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Starting Backcourt

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I know this is speculation, but assuming Iati, Wilson and Jordan are all healthy next year, which two start?


Wilson played the point in HS, but struggled at the point last year. Iati is the point this year, but a point has to think pass first and shoot second - Iati is a shooter. Jordan was rookie of the year in the MAAC and has amazing talent.


My thought is Iati and Wilson with Jordan coming off the bench.


There is no way that Brown can start Iati and Jordan, given what Wilson means to the program - starting Wilson and Jordan hurts as neither one is a great three point shooter.

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Wilson is a much better shooter than you think or give him credit for. Just look at his numbers from last year and supposedly he is now automatic from 3 when given some time. Jordan is a scorer and a streak shooter. Don't be surprised to see a starting line-up of Iati, Wilson, Jordan, Dyson, and Zollner. Rembember Jordan is 220 pound guard and strong as an ox!


Jordan might be the best player in the program. Isn't it good to try and figure out who is going to play. That might mean the program has finally arrived!


Don't be surprised to see Levine become the best 6th man in the AE!

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Sorry, but Iati is going to the bench.


Wilson "struggled" his way to ROY honors playing point guard last year ... and he didn't have anyone supporting him (basically). Antione was hot and cold, and Levi was playing inside.


Jordan can flat out score, and he's a hometown product - got to give him some love. MACC Basketball is a decent brand, at least as good as America East, and he had about 19 per game if memory serves.


Iati will play big minutes. I really feel like you could almost start Iati, Wilson, Jordan, Levine, Zoellner - plenty of shots going up for the big man to rebound.

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"Sorry, but Iati is going to the bench."


Right now Iati appears to be a shooter but believe me he is a point guard who due to the absence of a scorer is asked by the staff to become one. It's tough enough stepping in as a freshman (coming off shoulder surgery) against Siena and Pitt at the point but then to be asked to also carry much of the scoring load is a bit much. He is going to have an outstanding career at UA.


Overall under a great deal of defensive attention Iati has handled the ball well. With Jamar and Lucious in the lineup with him, he will become a pure point who must be shadowed all the time or he'll stick the 3 on you. He will be extremely solid at the point and is a tremendous free throw shooter for late game situations something we didn't have with Earv.


I would expect for to see a starting lineup of Iati, Wilson, Jordan, Levine and Zoellner after the first 5 minutes everything else will be based on situations and match ups. Levi is a player with no true position but he's a warrior who produces.


Isn't it nice to be discussing who will or won't start and why.


Coming off the bench - Martin, Dyson, "Q", B Wilson, Bauman, Lillis, Johnson, Knotts and Wyatt.


By the way Brian Lillis is getting no respect from our fans. Jamar and Dyson are Rivals 3 star hoopers, Lillis is a 2 star which is a higher rating than any other player on the roster. He's a player.


Coach Brown will have problems finding time for players which is much better than the problem he has now which is finding players for time.

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