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Wilson's Injury???

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Wyland had coverage from the Danes practice on the news tonight. Looked like Jamar practiced and was in usual good spirits when interviewed. Brown stated something like the more Jamar plays, the quicker the injury should heal. Basically, that rest wouldn't do anything for it. Is that the case with a kneecap injury?? All indications sound like Jamar will play Friday unless he says he can't go himself or the Giants' doctors suggest he shut it down for another 2-3 weeks. It has been reported that Jamar visits those doctors on Thursday. Although their NFL team is horrible right now, I am sure their medical personnel ranks among the best we will have access to in a situation like this :D

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If the Doctors shut Jamar down for 2 or 3 weeks I think Coach Brown will really consider redshirting him for his own benefit and have him for three full healthy seasons. Remember the cut off date is Dec. 28th, I believe.


With the way recruiting has been going Jamar would then have 3 bonafide chances of making the Big Dance and winning an AE Championship.

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Today is the Day


Jamar will be evaluated by the NY Giant Physician


Hopefully the news is good for Jamar and the Danes!!!


I hope, if he can't start going 100% everyday, they put him on the shelf for the season.


I really don't want to see him like Wyatt was last year day to day all season long.


If Jamar can't practice hard everyday he shouldn't be playing and should come back next year for 3 solid years. I really feel like he has the potential to be a GREAT AE player.


I would also hate to see him as a player who is damaged goods for the rest of his career.

Edited by Patch
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I have every confidence that Coach Brown will make the right decision. He will not put Jamars' health/career in jeopardy at any cost. If he has proven anything it is that he sees the big picture and does not make quick fix decisions.


Worse case scenario is Jamar is put on the shelf for next year. He rehabs the knee to full strength and gains 10 more pounds of muscle......and we get him and Iati to play together for the next three years.....I could live with that.


The cold, hard reality of this season...and I know it is not nice to hear....is that it is a prelim to next year. If we could get double digit "W's" it would be a success. That will hardly be the case next year.


If we can get Iati some experience at this level and his shoulder proves 100%...that would be a positive for this year.


If we can get Martin some experience and if his play indicates he is a dependable rebounder .....that would be a positive for this year.


If we can find out what we have in "Q" .....can he consistanly perform near the level he did against Colgate....that would be a positive for this year.


PATCH....your comment to the effect that you did not want to see Jamars' season turn in to the one Wyatt had last year made me cringe!

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