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Well UA couldnt sneak in, but no surprise...


Here are some notes:


- Nebraska is the #1 seed in the tournament

- Binghamton will face #2 seed Penn St in Round 1, and get swept 3-0

- Siena faces #3 seed Washington in Round 1

- Showing that midwest vball take preference over everyone, Kansas, who went 15-14 and had a losing conference record, sneaks in with an at-large spot in the tournament.


That is that. O well, next year hopefully

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Well although I'm sure you'd like to prove it on the court, Kansas is better at 15-14 than UAlbany is at 28-4. It's their big wins.


It's all about who you play. The America East it too weak to draw two teams, that's the bottom line. Kelly would have to play all top 25 schools and have success, then combine that with a good league record to earn an at-large berth.


Kansas is ranked 51st overall in the fake RPI, which attempts to mirror the real RPI but isn't exact.


The Jayhawks had 8 "top" wins over Alabama (39), Michigan State (69), Temple (74), Texas A&M (49), Baylor (105), Colorado (40), K-State (26), Texas Tech (107).


Marginal Wins (5): Montana State (121), Saint Louis (118), VCU (115), Oklahoma (145), Oklahoma again (145).


They only had two truly cheap wins, UMKC (250) and Utah Valley State (206).


Their 14 losses came to BYU (16), Texas (21), Texas Tech (107), K-State (26), Nebraska (2), Missouri (8), Iowa State (65), Baylor (105), Nebraska again (2), Texas (21), Colorado (40), Texas A&M (49), Missouri again (8), Iowa State (65).


That is exactly zero truly "bad" losses. If you want to say you shouldn't lose to anyone lower than you, fine, that is four bad losses, but all to teams in the top 107 teams.


Albany's schedule was littered with "cheap" wins, and that's the bottom line.


18 out of 28, to be exact: Buffalo (188), Morgan State (277), Texas State (162), Iona (226), Liberty (211), Fairfield (171), Columbia (187), Stony Brook (194), Siena (158), New Hampshire (241), Hartford (296), UMBC (228), Maine (200), UMBC (228), Stony Brook (194), New Hampshire again (241), Maine again (200), Hartford again (296).


Marinals (3): Penn (144), Seton Hall (138), Binghamton (122).


You could count 7 truly good wins against Virginia (68), Appalachian State (104), Temple (74), Long Island (98), Long Island again (98), UConn (114), Syracuse (46). The only of those ranked ahead of UAlbany, which is huge for the selection committee, is Cuse.


Ohio and Cal, the "statement" games vs. the Top 25? Lost both. Add in two "bad" losses to Binghamton and Stony Brook (122, 194).


And now you're out.

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