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Danes vs LIU

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Being we play both these teams I watched the game.


1st LIU is scary they have a a couple solid inside threat scoring threats and a bunch of guys willing to chuck and duck. If they make shots anybody on their schedule could be in trouble.


2nd Sacred Heart has some tremendous size and big guys have had career days against the Danes in the past. They also have some nice perimeter play with senior leadership.


Both theses teams are going to be tough on the Danes. The big question is how are we going to score???????

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As we know, it is always tough to play on the road. The young Danes need to keep this game within 10 points at all times.


Long Island averages 69 points per game, but I wouldn't classify them as a high-powered offense. They do get double-figure scoring on a consistent basis from four starters. So that said, Albany needs to counter with four players in double digits to even have a chance in this ballgame. What worries me about LIU is they have some solid players down on the block who can score. Therefore, they are probably aggressive going to the hole. We can't have Wyatt and Pipikis giving ticky-tack fouls again like the Army contest.


LIU's bench only combined for a total of 12 minutes against Sacred Heart. Ironically, our bench appears deeper than theirs. The Danes need to get to the charity stripe more to eleviate the pressure of generating strictly field goals on offense. Iati and Levi have been pretty solid in that area. Levi leads the AE in that category.


I would love to see Martin get more shots this game and start becoming Albany's third consistent double-figure scorer. He definitely appears more comfortable facing the basket, but I don't want to see him camping out behind the arc on all offensive sets.

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Support the players on the current roster. Is it the student-athlete's fault they were given a scholarship??? If you don't like the results and efforts of Janis, blame Scott Beeten, not Janis!!!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect Janis to put up a double-figure scoring total four games in, let alone for the entire season.

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AlbanyObserver - I'm with you!!!!


Janis was recruited by Beeten sight unseen and does as well as he can, it's not his fault he not of the caliber we would wish for.


Janis has limitations but as long as he's trying I can't do anything but support him. I don't know how many "Ws" we'll get this year but he sure helped get our first. I'd be happy with him effectively using his body to get 5 boards and 5 or 6 pts in his 15 minutes. If we could get the same out of Wyatt we'd be getting a double double out of that position.


Let's beat LIU - somehow. GO DANES

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I think we all know Beeten brought Janis here....it has been discussed in great length in the past. Nobody is blaming Janis for anything....where did that idea come from?? I think most of the posters support him and even admire his effort and hard work....and couldn't have been happier for him for his contributions in the Army game.


For some to react to a few comments by ranting "support the current players on the roster" is over reacting. All of us here are fans of Albany basketball and wish the program nothing but the best. To critique is part of the nature of this board. Sometimes, as in every program there are players, coaches, administrators etc. who are lacking in certain areas, to mention this should not be construed as non-support. To turn a blind eye to it or sugar coat it is. It's not personal....it is business.



BEAT LIU I hope Coach Brown sends a message to his team by rewarding Janis for his hard work and effort by putting him in the starting line-up tonight and he responds by getting his first double/double.

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