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Recipe for an Upset

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Again I just want to say what a game Albany played the other night as admit never expected to throw such a scare into UConn. Were they outcoached? Perhaps or was it that they were not used to playing such smaller guys as seemed surprised when we stripped the ball from them time after time (ha, ha). Seriously, I think the ultimate missing element was a 30+ game for Jamal Wilson. Thinking back, did he even get to attempt a 3 pointer? I remember waiting for that as seems other long distance shooters were off the mark. All & all though, what an awesome time for UAlbany & all the fans. Hopefully we will wrap Coach Brown up for a long time as I guess cockiness he possesses goes a long way to success. As a Siena supporter as well, I would hate to see coaching carousel that they experience as truly feel UAlbany better jump to higher rated conference down the road or roller coaster years will result as Siena knows too well of as sounds like McCaffrey may be headed out of town already.

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Jamar Wilson was 1-3 from downtown. Not far off from is average as he usually makes a little over 1 per game. I actually have an awesome picture of him hitting the 3-point shot..pretty impressive for my can't take action shots digital camera. Looking at the stats, it was really only Brent who was off from downtown, going 0-5.


I think Jamar was VERY impressive and certainly proved himself again on the national scene. Looking at his numbers from the 3 national tv games (VCU, UVM, and UConn), he he really put up some great stats..25.3ppg, 6.3rpg, and 3.7apg.

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Jamar was 1-3 from three. Team only shot 20% 1st half from threes.


Top stats from the box score:

Points in the Paint: Great Danes 38, Huskies 28

Second Chance Points: Great Danes 12, Huskies 11

Fast Break Points: Great Danes 8, Huskies 6

Offensive Rebounds: Great Danes 8, Huskies 7


Still coming down from the game. It was insane when Siggers hit his three from the corner. Nova fans assigned someone to keep me from jumping down to the lower level. They also liked the UAAUAUAUAAAUAAAAUAAAA chant (they like their cheers simple - I even heard a couple of non-albany people whistling it after the game).

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Its amazing how perspective can change so quickly. I would have happily signed for a 13 point loss before the game. Now we are disecting why the game slipped away. Its hard to criticize anyone, but Brent did miss a few open threes. Jamar was great. Completely under control, and never tried to do too much.

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Coulda, woulda, shoulda?????


Lets land back on earth - UCONN has more talent, size, skill and athleticism at every position (we could argue Jamar) and with every player on their roster and they have a "Hall of Fame Coach".


We played our A$$e$ off on a national stage and showed the entire nation that Albany is one of the better new DI teams noone had ever heard of just like Jamar showed them he is one of the best players few have heard of.


As much as losing stinks every player for UA played as hard as they could, lets leave it at that.


The Danes could never afford to put together an advertising campaign that equalled what our basketball team did for the university.


Enjoy the moment.


Yocum and Gifford, I heard were both in attendance.


Do you think they were excited and do you think they and/or their parents or coaches feel good about their choice of school now (atleast from a basketball perspective). People in Missouri and even Philly must have wondered what kind of school these guys chose.

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