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President Hall: HE GETS IT!


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I was flipping through the UAlbany magazine this morning (flood waters kept most of my bosses home......) at work and noticed two very intriguing things...both attributed to President Hall.


I briefly met the President at the UA-UVM championship game and wish I had more time to talk with him. At first, I was put off because of some of his initial comments upon his hiring. The more and more I read and hear him speak, the more I am impressed and proud to have him represent and lead our school.


HE GETS IT!!!! Something long missing from this University is leadership that GETS IT! After a half-hearted hello (he was all over the board because of the amount of people trying to talk to him) I was in shock at his smugness....but then he impressed me BECAUSE HE GETS IT; he walked across the atrium of the RACC and said "Thanks for your support and thanks for coming...keep up with your questions."


THAT IMPRESSED ME...his realization that maybe his handshake hello was contrived...going out of his way to make further convesation.


That being said, he seemingly follows it up with the following two impt. steps in our schools history:


1- The creation of the Board of Visitors: This is like the board of any company, except it is not filled with OUR REGENTS...the ones who glad-hand and move on with the same business as has been in our modern UA era. These are some of the top business, cultural, and academic minds in the country. Cornell, UNC, UCLA, Michigan, Washington, Merrill Lynch, all have reps on the board. Their job is simple: Bring UA up to the level of NATIONAL UNIVERSITIES in all aspects.


Notable, is the inclusion of two CAA school representatives (NORTHEASTERN and William and Mary). Further notable is the EXCLUSION of our local perceived peers (URI and UMASS as two). I have always thought UA should strive for the UD, W&M, Rutgers (academically speaking) of the East Coast. No offense to our AE league members, but when you are hiring people in major metro areas....the CAA schools are our competition.


From an athletic standpoint, the AD of William and Mary is one of the members I previously mentioned. Again, Hall once stated that we could probably move a step up in competition, academically and athletically, and I again would prefer to be associated with the CAA schools. Good to see we are building relations....for the future.


2- URBAN PARTNERSHIP- Again, Hall gets it. Town-gown relations when I came to UA in 92 were miserable at best. I worked on the committee to get the Party in the Park concert back...and that was no fun for us to get going. I remember hearing about neighbors who would go nuts on students...etc.


Hall's comments are what the City and the University needs to hear: "MY GOAL IS TO MAKE THE UNIVERSITY AT ALBANY A LITTLE MORE LIKE THE UNIVERSITY OF ALBANY. I don't think there's any more important issue in terms of the civic role of the University today."


Again, he gets it....and the more the community and school work together...the more we will BE THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY we crave, and deserve, to be.


Just my thoughts.....



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Thanks for your report on your contacts with our current president. Your comments are notable for their uniqueness and perception.


It appears to me that YOU GET IT. You have a real love for the university and what it has done for you and for its potential. It's great to see someone have a real vision for the whole university, in which athletics can play a major role.


I appreciate your comments.

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