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Text Alignment Options?

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Just kidding - kind of.


It's definitely harder (or takes more of an adjustment) to read centered text over left-aligned.


Is this an option that the board softward can default to left aligned? I figure if someone is in there changing the pink to purple, they could do that too.


I know someone else already commented on this, and the reply was that the second person saw it as left aligned. It's definitely centered.

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UAlum72 mentioned this before and it was driving me nuts. The type was flush left and I could not figure out what you guys were talking about. Then I opened the page in Netscape and (eureka) I saw what you guys were talking about. I'll do some research.

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I'm using IE and it's not left flush for me. For example, if you look at my post at the top of this thread, it's all centered for me. Your post, Dane Pound, APPEARS left flush because it's two continuous sentences. But it's still centered (just more words per line are pushing it all the way to the left of the box).

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