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Albany and Siena players

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It appears that Siena player, Tay Fisher and Siena alum, Carmen Maciariello and playing for Coach Eaton's team. The blogs are on the UAlbany basketball website:




Aug. 26, 2006 -- On Thursday night we took the final of the tournament against the home team SKU Lions, 110-76. UAlbany's Brent Wilson led the scoring charge with 20 points and eight rebounds. Jason Siggers and Anthony Bruin (Iona) followed with 18 apiece with Bruin bringing down 18 rebounds. The scoring was rounded out by Tay Fisher (Siena, 14pts), Carmen Maciariello (10pts), Lamont Arrington (Colorado 10pts), Carl Ross (11pts), and Michael Knight (9pts).


We moved on to Gent, Belgium on Friday (Aug. 25) and were fortunate to pull out an 86-80 victory over the Gent Dragons. Jet lag really caught up to us and we struggled to find any rhythm on the offensive end and any energy on defense. Needless to say we will all be in bed early tonight!!!


Mike Knight played strong and banged five three-pointers and finished with 21 points. Tay Fisher followed with 19 including some big free throws down the stretch. Jason Siggers chipped in with 14 and Brent Wilson tossed in 11. Other scoring included Anthony Bruin (8 points & 6 rebounds), Lamont Arrington and Carmen Maciariello (5pts) and Carl Ross (2pts). The team will remain in Gent for the remainder of the trip and play Division 1 pro teams Lueven, Brussels, and Oostende over the next few days.






Aug. 24, 2006 -- Our trip was long but it was well worth it. Amsterdam is a beautiful city with friendly people and a rich history for us to explore during our stay. We got in at 7:45 a.m. (1:45 a.m. ET) and tried to get some rest.

Our first game of the tournament was Thursday night at 6:00 p.m. against the Dutch National Police Team and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. With the long night of travel and the guys sleeping in undersized hotel beds, it would have been easy for them to find excuses to not play well. Fortunately they put the adversity aside and worked hard for a 121-61 victory. Although we have not had much practice time we played as a cohesive unit, shared the ball, and yes, even played a little defense. The scoring attack was led by Carmen Maciariello (Siena '01) with 23 points/6 rebounds. UAlbany's Jason Siggers (20pts/10reb), Carl Ross (18pts/5reb/3blk), Michael Knight (18pts/5ast) and Siena's Tay Fisher (13pts) also contributed to the blowout. Brent Wilson (15pts/6reb) and Iona's Anthony Bruin (12pts/10reb/5blk) led the attack inside and keyed the teams' fastbreak attack.


After the game we had dinner in the University dining hall and spent some time with the students who had just returned to start classes. The apple pie was tremendous!!!! Then it was a quick shower and time to explore downtown Amsterdam. Before the trip I did a little research on the country and its' architecture. I must say that the buildings are some of the most beautiful in the world. All of us were amazed at the style and grace of these aged structures. After a walk through downtown it was back on the van to try to get some sleep and regulate the internal clock! Game time on Friday night is 8:00 p.m. in the tournament final!!

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I think it's great that Tay Fisher is playing on the same team as some of our guys. I think that by knowing each other a little better it actually makes the rivalry more fun for the players.


It's also great that Mike Knight and Carl Ross are getting a taste of playing with some DI talent and getting to know a couple of their teammates better.

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On his site Coach Brown talks about how happy Eaton was with Michael Knight playing the PG spot and running the offense. I had thought of him more as a shooting guard but if he can give minutes at the PG it should be a great option. Especially with his shooting ability and the fact that teams like to try and play zone against us.

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Coach Eaton's final two blogs:




Aug. 30, 2006 -- Tonight's game (Aug. 29) was a physical battle against a tough Brussels team that played very well together. They had good size, a solid playmaker, and some shooters. We fought hard but they were able to wear us down and pull out a 92-71 victory to drop our record to 3-2.


Our team played much better defensively, but some foul trouble caused us to go small for a longer period of time than I would have liked. Our scoring was lead by Jason Siggers with 17 points and six rebounds and Iona's Anthony Bruin with 13 points, nine rebounds and three blocks. Brussels' grind-it-out style held us to only two players in double figures. The scoring was rounded out by Carmen Maciariello (8 pts), Michael Knight and Tay Fisher (5 pts each), Brent Wilson (3 pts), Carl Ross and Lamont Arrington (2 pts each).


Unfortunately our last game against Oostende has been cancelled due to issues with the gym. It's 12:45 a.m. here (6:45 p.m. ET) and we are trying to make plans to return to Holland and do some sightseeing. The trip has been a tremendous experience for all of us and we are looking forward to returning home to family and friends. I thank everyone for keeping tabs on us throughout the trip. My best to Carmen and Lamont as they embark on professional careers and good luck to Anthony (Bruin) and Tay (Fisher) as they play for Iona and Siena, respectively.






Aug. 29, 2006 -- The squad faced a first division team for the first time on the trip and the results were not what we had hoped. It seemed as if our fourth game in as many days caught up with to us as our performance was dominated by turnovers and uninspired defense. These things aside we entered the fourth quarter down seven points and within striking distance. I don't think you are ever out of a game when you have talent like we do. Unfortunately, the experience of a team whose average age is 26, took over and we were beaten by PP Basket Grrok Leuven, 80-66. Siena' Tay Fisher led the way with 22 points and five rebounds. He was followed by Jason Siggers (15 points & 6 rebounds), Anthony Bruin (14pts/8reb/4blk) and Brent Wilson (11pts/2reb). Leuven did a good job making us work for shots and limited us to four guys in double figures. The scoring was rounded out by Michael Knight (6pts), Carl Ross (5pts), Lamont Arrington (5pts/6reb) and Carmen Maciariello (2pts).


We had a much needed day of on Monday (Aug. 28) and we spent it exploring Brussels. We had a chance to see a few museums, the King's Palace (we knocked but he was out!!) and the Grand Plaz. Unfortunately the prices were a little high so the shopping was limited. A few of the guys had their first crepe and may be adding to their culinary skills when we return home.


It's off the play the 1st division team from Brussels on Tuesday!

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