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A few thoughts on Cornell

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I won't say this loss is a disaster but very disappointing and bewildering. UA beats the 3 toughest teams in their first 5 games but loses to two teams that are less then stellar. We better play better next week because SBU has 30 kids on rides to our 9( Monmouth had 10) and they just beat Monmouth's ass. They think they can run the table in the NEC. I believe SBU is as good as CCSU, Fordham, and Cornell. Now with confidence and at home with Home Coming they will be very tough. How tough are we gonna be?


Bocanegra played well from what I read and he was not sacked. So the O-line passed protedcted well but they just can't take over a game like they used to. One 9 play drive and many 3 and outs. Allen gets 39 yards???? When the score was 21-20 we could not burn off time from the clock with a long sustained drive or get downfield for a late FG after they went ahead 23-21. I know Cornell is better then most think but lets not confuse them with Delaware.


The defense can't play top end in everygame. To give up 20 (most all season and that has to be last time) in a half then give up 3 still keeps you in a game. UA needs to score at least 24 per game to win out. we lost this game on a fake punt! We stuff them and we get a score off that...oh well. We realistically should be 5-0. But were not. If the O (especially our line) does not start coming up big next week we could be 3-3 on our way to a 6-5 record. What a waste Delaware and Lehigh would have been.


Look I am confident we beat St. Francis, Wagner, and Sacred Heart to get to 6 wins. All of a sudden RMC is a threat. 6-0 nothing less! We have the ability now we have to execute!

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I watched the game ofrom the Cornell site.


1. The O line couldn't create any holes at all, except the one drive in the second half. Allen didn't seem like he could create anything on his own, when Simmons came in, I was quite impressed -I wouldn't be surprised if he started to get more time.

2. In the first half, the D just couldn't figure out how to handle the Cornell shotgun, especially with the wingback in motion and the inside handoffs.

3. I didn't think Blasinsky played poorly- the team just couldn't get going.


That said, the task at hand is winning the conference. Stony Brook beat a good Monmouth team last week and they will be tough at home.

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The important thing to remember is that we beat a very good A-10 team and have the ability to win the NEC. If we do not it could fall on the shoulders of the coaches. Players play no doubt, but I kind of think they took Cornell lightly. Lets hope we get another delaware like performance Sat. The one good thing about a loss is that you come out ready the next week.


NO MORE EXCUSES. There won't be anyone left on the schedule that will be like Delaware.

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Went to the game and wanted to post my thoughts on it..finally have some time..


- the game wasn't really as close as the score..we really could've been beaten a lot worse

- the D-Line was not like I've seen it in any game this season..they're (along with the linebackers) usually able to stop a run on first contact at or near the line..but the Cornell runners were often able to pick up an extra 4, 5, 6 yards after the first contact

- Cornell's man-in-motion on nearly ever play was pretty deceiving (at least for me)..it was often difficult to see if the person in motion had the ball, the tailback, or the quarterback, as they would hike right at the time the man in motion was passing the center..I wonder if that played a part in the yardage they were able to pick-up on the ground

- I'm positive Disch got jipped on tackles..when I looked after the game, I think the stats said 7 total (assisted and unassisted)..there were at least a couple times where the announcers had him with the tackle on back to back plays and even one (if I remember correctly) where it was three plays in a row..I was guessing he was in the 12-15 total when I looked

- our running game was not there..virtually nothing up the middle at all

- Bocanegra looked very good, very energized..minus his last play of the game on the 4th and 4..his pass to Gallucci was nowhere near..idk if Gabe was in the wrong spot, it hit someone's helmet or something near the line, or the throw was just that off

- the last play of the 1st half with 5 secs left and us on our own 35 or so looked like a play action QB draw to the right with no blockers, because as soon as Danny rolled, he tucked the ball to run..idk if a play just didn't develop or what but I was confused that Fordie would but a kid with busted kidneys into a situation like that where he gets hit hard by 3 defenders and loses 5+ yards..they usually just kneal in a situation like that, so it surprised me a ton

- we really missed Rashad and Chroback

- their fake punt on the last drive was a very good one


As a disclaimer, while I watch a good amount of both college and pro footbal, my intricate knowledge of the game isn't near baseball or basketball with me..so I apologize if my 'analysis' is way off, lol.

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Your analysis appears to be right on. I was not aware that Chrobak and Barksdale were out. I believe they are back for Sat.


Plain & simple the O-line has to play better. They are huge and can move. They need to be a bit nastier then they are. If they can get production out of this line and get sustained drives they will wear down defenses. Besides they are huge they should be coming off the ball with a bad bad F- YOU attitude!!!! They are bigger then everyone they play against, although Cornell matched up well with them size wise.


Good to hear Bocanegra is coming around.

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