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  1. The offense appears to be a pass first and run second offense or a more finesse type of offense if you will. Not sure if that is by design or they are light on RB's this year. They are still a bit smaller than most CAA teams upfront so that may have something to do with it as well. Albany has always been "bigger" in the NEC and had a 3 yards and a cloud of dust type offense. I imagine Coach G is just playing to his talent. An offense like that could struggle in the rain and wind that comes every fall. It always effects the passing game.
  2. They are in the weight room, film room and meeting rooms everyday with the Coaches. If they're not, they won't compete. This is true for every position. This is CAA football, everybody is good at this level. Get bigger, stronger, faster or be gone!
  3. Amen Brother. Ball State is a no win situation. Schedule an IVY League team again. Holy Cross will do.
  4. This schedule is death!! Why do we not play ELON or Towson this year?? SBU's schedule is a cake walk next to this. They played a couple of tough teams last season and we played 4 playoff teams NOVA, UNH, RICHMOND and JMU. Ball State is a dumb game. Former UA coach Pete Lembo (or is he at Bowling Green?) I believe is coaching them which is why we have this game. Either way this is a stupid game. You want an OOC FBS opponent with a name play Syracuse or Army. This will be a loss and no one will care.
  5. Not Duquesne. They would not bring anything to the table for a home game. One of the IVY's Colgate, anyone but an NEC team. No offense to the NEC but if you want attendance Duquesne, Wagner, ST> Francis etc. will not do it. Its an easy W next year but not an attention grabber.
  6. Have we figured out who the 4 OOC games? Buffalo, Holy Cross, and?
  7. There will be multiple JUCO & FBS transfers coming in 2015 to get "bigger" and I am sure a QB will be in the mix. They are scouring JUCO's and FBS potential transfers literally today! Chuck P got Stony Brook ramped up this very way. They will be in playoff contention from now on (they were this year). No step back this year. For the most part they will no longer lose blue chip FCS recruits to other schools. The depth charts will be stocked come spring ball.
  8. If the offense plays like it did against Delaware and Villanova I think we win going away. SBU struggled with Rhody for 3 QTRS before pulling away. No one is going to confuse SBU's offense with Villanova. All we have to do is tackle better on D and throw to our stud receivers on Offense and I think we will win.
  9. This will be a better game for us than we had against Richmond as they don't throw nearly as much which gives us a fighting chance. There is no pressure on us this weekend and its all on them (one loss by them to us would hurt them badly) and we should play that way. From gadget plays to fake FG's to sustained drives. If there is bad weather this will help with turnovers and hopefully slow down their attack. They aren't the Denver Broncos so this game can be won. If we get any kind of momentum swings we need to capitalize. ALWAYS Go for it on 4th down inside their 45!! Every time!! Take a page out of Fordies book and hit them with a flea flicker. This has to be no holds barred effort. Win or lose I am proud of them. They have been great this year. With that being said we should be able to reach 7 or 8 wins this season.
  10. Can someone shed light on what a Red Shirt Sr./Jr./So. means? Our team is loaded with them. For example Jake Meek is a Red Shirt Sr, does that mean he has another year if he chooses?
  11. Their QB Strauss is off the charts accurate. They are going to sling it all over the place.
  12. He said he was down to New Hampshire or Albany as his choices. Great to see us winning some of those. That's because for the first time in our football program's history we can offer a full ride and our facilities are actually better than an opponents (for now). New Hampshire I understand is upgrading at some point.
  13. That's the point, we can hang with JMU. If we knock off JMU that would get everyone's attention. No Columbia is not good and we need that W going into JMU. We cant be looking past Columbia is all I am saying. That's why I did not like seeing us ranked and people start getting excited. Just keep in mind how bad CCSU and Rhode Island are turning out to be this season. If we keep winning the rest will take care of itself.
  14. Danefan is right. We are not a legit top 25 team. Don't lose sight of the fact that Holy Cross, CCSU and Rhode Island are awful. We defeat Columbia and follow up with a win against JMU then we will be a legit top 25 team.
  15. Do you see it hurting us? The players get big heads and look past Columbia!! This game against Columbia is a MUST WIN!!! With a full CAA slate ahead we cant afford to be 3-1. There are really two teams we will struggle with and that is New Hampshire and Richmond. I watched their game this weekend and both teams are HUGE!!!! They have great skill players (New Hampshire's QB went down and could be gone for the year)and Richmond's QB is beyond FANTASTIC!
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