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Todd Martin?????

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Martin seems to be a talented kid who is really struggling to adapt to DI especially defensively. He is going to have to get alot stronger next year. People are ripping the ball away from him when rebounding and also when he turns and faces on the wing.


The good thing is that if he works hard he'll get an ample opportunity to improve and prove himself. He seems like a good kid who is frustated.


Let's hope he turns it around. It would be nice to keep him on the court 25minutes a game, but not now - he's killing us every time he's on the floor.

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I think that Todd has a future in the UAlbany basketball program. I think his future is as a 8th or 9th man. He has good talent, but because of injuries Coach Brown is forced to play him against superior talent. I think kids like Knotts, Martin and "Q" can really florish next year when they are in the roles that they were recruited to play. They will be good role players on a team that will start:

PG: Iati

OG: Wilson

SF: Jordan

PF: Levine (got to play him somewhere because he can flat out play)

C: Zoelner

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Knotts, Martin and Q will have to battle for minutes with Lillis, Dyson and B. Wilson all three are highly regarded.


I didn't include Bauman because he'll be competing as a 1 or a 2 next season.


Coach Brown's problem next year will be who to start after that it's play well or take a rest on the bench.


Next season expect to see the Danes press and trap and go up tempo whenever possible. Besides having more talent they'll have much more depth.


But before next year let's still some wins this year!!!!!

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I expect Q to be a big part of next years team. I think that Martin and Knotts will see limited minutes unless they really improve. I was impressed with the way Knotts played against UMBC. I would like to see him face up at little bit in the post. I would also like to see him penitrate when he has the ball on the wing. Knotts needs to become a more consistent player and develop his game a bit more on the offensive end. He is an improving defensive player.

Martin is really weak. He needs to get into the weight room and get STRONGER! I don't know how much you can improve foot speed and lateral movment, but he MUST. Coach Brown will not play anyone that consistantly turns the ball over and gets beat on D.


Wyatt must have said something, rolled his eyes, or may be Coach is just sick and tired of him playing like a "skirt." I think that Wyattt should sit on the bench if he is going to play with no emotion or effort. With a body like his, he should get 8-10 rebounds and 10-12 points a game. He plays with NO HEART!

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I liked the way Martin played against Boston U. 26 mins , had a team high 8 rebounds and a team high 4 assists. 3-6 from the field and only 1 turnover. A freshman under control....wow.... I am not an expert, however I do know that it must be hard to get into a rythem when u play anywhere between 8+ mins to 11mins, as the case of the last 4 games. Can't do much in only a few mins a game. U Can do a lot more in 26mins as the case of the BU game. PS-didn't look weak pulling down a team high 5 defenseive rebounds and team high on the offensive side also . Wonder what he could do in 35+mins like a few of the other guys that are not rebounding?


Didn't he pull down a team high against Siena also. Must of played some mins that game also.

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big growl 01


Todd looked good against BU and he looked good against Siena. If he competed that way all the time he'd get more minutes.


But their are times when he hasn't looked so good. How many times has he had the ball taken out of his hands on the wing or under the basket. He has 14 TOs and he's not in posession of the ball that often.


Plus he seems at time to have a problem guarding wings and he's not strong enough to guard 4 and 5s.


I have heard from people close to the program that Brown believes Todd has a big upside but right now he's learning that he has to be prepared every trip down the floor and nothing is going to come easy.


When he plays well of course he looks good, but so far this season he has played more like the inexperienced Freshman he is. That's not a knock that's reality.


If he's patient he will have ample time to prove his worth.


Right now he's avg almost 17 minutes a game which is not bad.


Next year's freshman will have to fight to get that many minutes.

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yo Professor, What's up with you? Why you be haten? Look, my only comment is that he is playing out of position. He is for the most part guarding "Guards". Last time I checked there are not a lot of 6'7" kids at the off-guard in the AE. He should be under the basket. Also over looked by you is he is the tallest kid on the team right now. And he is being asked to guard 5'10"-6'0" players at the top of the key? Guess what, it won't happen, flat out. I think once he gains about 15 pounds he will play the power forward spot. He can really shoot the ball. I think he could be a great find for us.

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Martin is a role player which is only a bad thing when your team has no depth and needs freshmen to step up and be big time contributors right away. Next yearr, assuming everyone is healthy, we'll begin to see players like Martin truly be role players. It is not reasonable to ask most freshmen to add a lot of value - they must adjust to the game and to college life.

Martin will be fine - as a role player

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