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GE's reinvestment in the Capital Region


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How can UAlbany capitlize on this?




General Electric Co. in Schenectady announced this morning that it is adding 500 professional positions, including highly-paid engineers and project managers, in its GE Power Systems division.


GE is spending $39 million on the project, which will include $5 million in state aid.


The company will renovate Building 53 on its sprawling industrial campus, where most of the new hires will be located. The newly renovated building will also house GE Wind’s new service center planned for Schenectady that will have 150 employees.


GE said the new hiring will take place over the next 18 to 24 months.


About half of the new hires will work on renewable energy project such as wind and solar, while the other half will work on traditional power generation such as gas turbines and generators currently made at the Schenectady plant, which employs 3,200 people.


Bob Ford field at GE Stadium?

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I have some knowledge of GE Energy both in Schenectady and Norcross. I love the idea of sponsorship but I wouldn't count on this particular enterprise. They tend to be fiscally conservative. Furthermore, considering their vertical, they tend to recruit a lot from engineering schools. If they haven't sponsored RPI, they'll probably not sponsor us. I wish I were wrong but I think that's a safe bet for us to look elsewhere.

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I work for GE and would love to see more of a connection with UA. While I echo much of what ATL DANE says, there is some promising research being done at UA and this area has a strong GE presence (Energy, Wind, Global R&D etc...). I always wondered why there wasn't more of a partnership between the two, although there is a strong tie in with Union for obvious reasons

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