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College Hoops 2K8


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March Madness (hereinafter "MM") is HORRIBLE! College Hoops 2K7 was way better (and more realistic). MM has gotten some praise from those who like more of an acrade-type game. But the players and realism of College Hoops is second to none.


For those who haven't played the games, or are confused about what we are talking about, last year's game was so cool, in part, because you could type in the names of all of our players, and the names were found in the game's database (i.e., Iati, Siggers, etc.). Moreover, the announcers for the game knew exactly how to pronounce names like Iati, Siggers, Yocum, etc. The players also have basically the same characteristics as the real players in real life, and even look kinda the same (the must scan pictures of the players into the game or something like that). So much fun!


Whenever the game was on display at Best Buy, I'd fire up a game featuring UAlbany vs. Siena ... always drew some onlookers who usually made some fun comments about the matchup!


I'll figure out how to post pictures here, and will post a few UAlbany pictures from the game if that's okay with DP.



Here's a link to the game for those who want to take a peek at videos and screen shots from the game: http://2ksports.com/games/choops2k8/

You were totally right. MM sucks and this games rules

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2K Sports seems to have made improvements to the game as far as UAlbany goes (and the game overall of course). First of all, they got the naming correct for our Arena! In the game, we now play in the "SEFCU Arena" as opposed to last year, where we still played at the RAAC (not their fault last year; they just released the game before SEFCU was awarded the naming rights). The baselines on our court don't say "SEFCU", but, rather, say Albany on one baseline and Great Danes on the other baseline but that is okay.


As to the court itself, they got our logo and name correct at center court, as well as putting "America East" along the sides. So, everything good as far as the court goes. They got the students sections correct as well, demonstrating the steep nature of the seating. The Arena itself inside is far from perfect (indeed, probably some sort of default or modified template), but it ain't bad ... .


The game did a good job with the Times Union Center, as the arena downtown gets its official name in the game (an improvement from last year). The TUC basketball court should be very much to the liking of Siena fans, as the court appears to be dead-on accurate as compared to the real-life court. In my first game against Siena in the game, Billy Packer commented how Kenny Hasbrouck (sp?) for Siena is one of the top shooting guards in the country. I wanted to yell at the TV... .


Our team got a "72" rating in the game (not too bad) out of 100. Siena got a 74. Only a couple teams in the entire game get upper 80s or even a 90+ (if any got above 90; not sure yet).


As far as our starting lineup, I only had a chance to play about 5 minutes against Siena tonight, but it looks like they put Iati at the poing guard, Lillis at SF, Wilson at PF, and Jimmy at the C. Gifford looked really strong in the game off the bench. B. Wilson was an animal in the game, giving me an ability to drive to the basket and make a couple shots from beyond the 3-point line. As for SG, it looks like Ambrose got the nod from the developers, but I'm not sure yet. When I get more time to look at the rosters, I'll look at the faces, heights, and weights, and I'll type in the correct names for all the players and examine the ratings to see what the game developers came up with. You can modify the player ratings and attributes if you don't like them, so rest assured Ambrose will be getting a 100 for dunking in the game. And, naturally, Iati gets a 100 for three-point shootintg (the beauty of video games, eh?).


For those who don't know, the game auto assigns fake names for all the players, yet the actual players are in the game, with their characteristics, heights, numbers, weights, faces (as best the game can given whatever their photographic sources are), abilities, etc. The game got Lillis's hair in the game relatively correct, though it looks like they made his hair too dark. I suppose the attorneys tell the game developers to not make the players too accurate. I noticed the hair color was off for a lot of the players, but that's easy enough to change if one so desires (Creating a player is always a fun thing to do too).


When the game assigned the names for the Siena players, it identified Ubiles as its star player (and highlighted him in the pre-game as a player to watch) but assigned the name "Anil" to him. That cracked me up. How "fitting".


More to follow, including game pictures, for those who are curious as to what the hell I'm talking about ... . All and all, a great game, a lot of fun, and if the reader doesn't see the point to playing such a game, chances are your children might. :)

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All of the pictures in the posts that follow were taken with my cell phone camera with the game being displayed on a Samsung 46" 1080p LCD TV. I think I turned the light off in the room when taking the pictures, but it's still a cell phone camera (it's all I have right now) taking pictures of a video game on a television. Nonetheless, I wish the pictures conveyed how amazing the graphics and images are and simply how fun the game is to play!! I hope that some of those individuals on here who don't know much about video games, or who are from an older generation that didn't have video games, get a "kick" out of the images that follow! Enjoy!




Covington with the ball in the post.




Hastings brings the ball up the court.




Hastings with the ball (vs. Boston University)

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Boston University at the free-throw line. You get a reasonable shot of the SEFCU in the background. As one can see, it's far from being accurate, but at least they have the name of the Arena correct and the general nature of our winter home displayed in the game! At the bottom of the screen, there is a "ticker" that displays the daily scores from around sports. That ticker can be turned off in the options if the game player so desires.

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Pre-game warm-ups with a background shot of the TUC and its section 129 (and adjoining section), which will be our (at least many of us) temporary home next Saturday night. :)


It looks like the game, however, still needs to switch the home and away benches in the game. Oh well ... .

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